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welcome to StorkNet
The friendliest pregnancy and parenting community online!
Updated October 24, 2014

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Pregnancy Journals - Interested?
We need more pregnancy journalists! Interested in writing a journal with us? Review the instructions and let us know!

Fall Fun 4 Kids! by Colleen Langenfeld
Looking to make some sweet Fall memories with your little ones? Here are some great ideas to get your family laughing, smiling and enjoying each other's company during these crisp Autumn days.

Host a Haunted Halloween Fright-Fest
Whether it's super scary or just plain silly, your Halloween Haunt will be a hit with these quick and easy party tips.

Spooky Garland
Kid's will love making this very easy Halloween project! This garland would be a great complement to another Halloween craft, Egg Carton Kitty Cat. A special thanks to StorkNet member Mitchellfam who described how to make spooky spiders!

Halloween: Scary Fun or Just Plain Scary?
How do you face your fears on Halloween and every other day of the year? By walking that thin and important line between exposing children to life's possibilities and protecting them from life's burdens. Yes, you need to see your neighborhoods and streets for what they are and prepare your children to navigate them safely. But, don't scare your kids about Halloween. Leave that to the ghosts and goblins they meet along their trick-or-treat route.

Crafts for Kids Project of the Month ~ Crowns
This quick project provides hours of entertainment for your little prince or princess. Even a child who is reluctant to color and cut will enjoy making his or her very own crown!

Healthier Halloween
With all the fun of this holiday come a parent's worst fears -- too many sugary treats in your kid's possession and the arguments that ensue over this treasured trove. If you don't feel like to contributing to the neighborhood children's tooth decay, consider giving treats that are healthier. Here are some suggestions.

TLC for Moms October Calendar
Check out our Tender Loving Care for Moms calendar with a tip for each day of the month. We'll help you give Tender Loving Care to yourself, your family, your home, your friends, and your marriage.

Join StorkNet's playgroup on Facebook!
StorkNet has a new group on Facebook where you can connect with other parents and parents-to-be. Share, laugh, whine, and play in compassionate community.

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Interested in writing a journal with us? Review the instructions and let us know!

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