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The Baby Name Guru Reviews the Latest Celebrity Baby Names . . .
Is it thumbs up or thumbs down for Honor Marie Warren?
by Bruce Lansky

Baby Names in the News

Bruce Lansky, "The Baby Name Guru"
June 9, 2008

Actress Jessica Alba and producer hubby Cash Warren have announced the birth of their daughter, Honor Marie Warren.

I'm trying to imagine what I'd say if Jessica and Cash told me the newest member of their family was a beautiful baby girl named Honor. I hope I would make a safe response like "Oh, that's a nice name" rather than blurt out "Really?" Needless to say, you can tell a lot about a name by how friends and family respond to the birth announcement.

Like all the virtue names for girls (such as Faith, Hope, and Charity), Honor is a quality we need in the White House. But is it a good name? Neither Honor nor the more popular Honora have ever been ranked in the Top 1000 girls' names. And for good reason. The only Honor I can recall is Honor Blackman, a British actress who played Pussy Galore in "Goldfinger." Like all Bond girls, she wore a skimpy bathing suit, had a stupid name, and lost her "honor" to Bond fairly quickly.

Virtue names for girls represent parents' fond wishes that their daughters exemplify that particular virtue. As noble as this sentiment may be, most people would probably agree that some virtues don't work well as names. Faith, Hope, and Charity are common names, but would you name your child Truth, Justice, Honesty, or Humility? (If you're considering any of these names, I hope you'll come back to your senses-immediately.)

Like Honesty and Humility, Honor is a stiff and awkward name. Can you imagine calling an adorable little baby girl Honor? I'm guessing Jessica, Cash, and Honor's playmates will be calling Honor by her middle name, Marie, before too long.

My verdict: Thumbs down!

Bruce LanskyAbout the Author:
Bruce Lansky is the #1 author of baby name books in North America. His name books have sold more than 9.5 million copies. He's called "The Baby Name Guru" because he regularly writes articles that provide baby-naming advice. His candid reviews of celebrity baby names have been reprinted in thousands of newspapers, magazines, and websites from coast to coast. His other name books include 100,000+ Baby Names, 60,000+ Baby Names, The Very Best Baby Name Book, 25,000+ Baby Names, and The New Baby Name Survey. He is also the editor of a successful series of children's poetry books and children's fiction books. Lansky resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he enjoys his work as a publisher.

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