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The Baby Name Guru Reviews the Latest Celebrity Baby Names . . .
by Bruce Lansky

Celebrity Baby Name Review

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck

Jen and Ben (Garner and Affleck) today announced the name of their week-old daughter, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth. This is such a beautiful first name, I wonder why Jen and Ben took so long to announce it?

Seraphina is a unique variation of Serafina, a Hebrew name that means “burning” or “ardent” and refers to an order of angels in the Bible. So we’ve got a beautiful-sounding name that calls to mind what Jen and Ben must have first thought when they saw her: an angel. I can’t argue with that.

A middle name serves two purposes: to provide a “fallback” name in case the child doesn’t like his or her given name, and/or to honor a friend, relative or famous namesake. Though I’m not a fan of two middle names (a growing trend among celebrities who have trouble picking one sensible name—e.g., Soleil Moon Frye, who named her daughter Jagger Joseph Blue), Jen and Ben chose Seraphina’s two middle names wisely. Rose is an old-fashioned name that may have been selected in honor of someone near and dear; Elizabeth is a 5-star name that can’t possibly go wrong.

By now, you’re probably asking what my persnickety mind will find wrong with the name. Answer: What will friends and relatives call Seraphina? Sera, Sara, or Sarah are three pretty good options that are shorter and easier than the multisyllabic Seraphina. Also, though pronunciation is no problem with this name, what about the spelling? Because Serafina is the more common version of the name, it’s likely the “ph” will get lost when people try to spell it. Furthermore, it’s possible that people may incorrectly spell the name Sarafina.

My Verdict: As much as I love this name, spelling is the reason I’m giving it one thumb up instead of two.

Bruce LanskyAbout the Author:
Bruce Lansky is the #1 author of baby name books. His name books have sold more than 11 million copies. His latest name book is 5-Star Baby Name Advisor.

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