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The Baby Name Guru Reviews the Latest Celebrity Baby Names . . .
by Bruce Lansky

Celebrity Baby Name Review

Max & Bob Sheen

I guess Charlie Sheen is a "regular guy" at heart. He's named his brand-new twins Max and Bob. These names might be selected by a couple that lives in your neighborhood-assuming that you don't live in Beverly Hills. They don't sound like "celebrity baby names" and therein lies their charm. Apparently, the Sheens want their twins to live a fairly normal, unpretentious life and their name choices will help.

Of course, it's common for parents of twins to choose paired names that reflect a theme-which could be as simple as using the same first letter (Tim and Todd), using the same ethnic origin (Joshua and Aaron or Brian and Sean), using names of famous comics (Conan and Chevy), or using names of famous baseball players (Alex and Derek).

If you met Charlie on the set and he was talking about his boys, Max and Bob, you wouldn't jump to the conclusion that they were twins-which is one of the benefits of selecting names that aren't thematically paired. But these names do have something in common. They're both short, monosyllabic, and undeniably masculine. Bob comes across as "an ordinary guy." Max is perceived as something of a "bad boy" who is popular with women. As it happens, Max and Bob have three half-siblings: Cassandra, Sam, and Lola. If you think there are three boys and two girls in the extended Sheen family, you're wrong. Cassandra, Sam, and Lola are all girls-Max and Bob's half-sisters. I mention this to demonstrate that the names lacking gender clarity can cause confusion.

One final point: Unpretentious names like Max and Bob have undeniable "regular guy" appeal. But in bad economic times it makes sense to consider that Maxwell and Robert Sheen might be more appropriate names to use on a college diploma, a job application, or a loan application. Charlie and Brooke can call the boys Max and Bob at home, but it's a nice gift to give the boys names that will serve them well during formal occasions, too.

My Verdict: One thumb up!

Bruce LanskyAbout the Author:
is North America's #1 author of baby name books. His books have sold over 11.5 million copies. His latest name book is 5-Star Baby Name Advisor.

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