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Trendy, Up-and-Coming Baby Names for 2010
What’s Hot and What’s Not

by Bruce Lansky, The Baby Name Guru

What will parents be naming their babies in 2010? Here’s a quick look at the hottest trends. Because trendy names often move in pairs or clusters, in this report we’ll look at the names that are movin’ on up and the themes that explain them. Each name is followed by its current ranking (as determined by the Social Security Administration) as well as its rank change from the previous year.

Trendy Boys’ Names for 2010

1. Certain Spellings of Sound-alike Names
Jayden (#11; + 7) almost made the top-10 boys’ list, as sound-alikes Aiden (#16; + 11), Ayden (#91; +11), and Brayden (#51; + 13) kept pace. However, variant spellings Jaden (#88; -13) and Aidan (#59; -5) and sound-alikes Hayden (#76; -4), Caden (#95; -3), and Kaden (#99; -1) have lost ground.

2. Old Testament Names
Elijah (#22; +8) and nickname Eli (#100; +30) along with Nathan (#21; +3), Gabriel (#24; +4), Issac (#37; +4), Aaron (#50; +2), and Josiah (#96; +10) are movin’ on up. However, Old Testament names like Daniel, Samuel, and David are holding steady or slipping.

3. Irish Names
Brody (#70; +35) and Liam (#75; +14) have moved onto the top-100 boys’ list to join #16 Aiden. However, other classic Irish names like Sean, Kevin, Connor, and Brody sound-alike Brady have not kept pace.

4. Western "C" Names
Carter (#65; +15), Cooper (#92; +4), Colton (#98; +19), and Chase (#67; +12) could be the name of a law-firm in Buffalo, Wyoming—-or a list of western style boys’ names that are increasing in popularity.

Trendy Girls’ Names for 2010

1. Rising Sound-alike Names
Chloe (#10; +6) has moved onto the girls’ top-10 list, while sound-alike Zoey (#98; +14) is now a top-100 name. However, Zoey's root name, Zoe (#58; -2), hasn’t gone along for the ride. Riley (#39; + 13) and Kylie (#51; +12) are on the rise as variant spellings Kylee (#143; +14) and Rylee (#116; +16) tag along. Aubrey (#42; + 27) has leapfrogged sound-alike Audrey (#44; +7), as they both climb the list. Makayla (#37; +10) and Layla (#55; +30) have moved up, joined by variant spelling Mikayla (#170; +12). Peyton (#60; + 61) and Payton (#90; + 63) have both climbed onto the top-100 list and are likely to keep rising. Curiously, pro-football star Peyton Manning's first name fell a few notches on the boys' list—-perhaps because of the growing use of the name for girls.

2. Up-and-Coming Faith-Based Names
Genesis (#95; +43), has ascended to the top-100 list as Nevaeh (#34; -3) (Heaven spelled backward) and Faith (#91; -17) have cooled off considerably. People of faith may take comfort in knowing that Destiny (#48; -7) has also cooled off. The fastest-rising Old Testament name, Leah (#41; + 27), is moving up as other Old Testament names Sarah (#20; -2), variation Sara (#92; -11), and Rachel (#75; -16) have moved down.

3. Place Names
Brooklyn (#47; +10) has moved up—seemingly at the expense of Sydney (#49; -12), which was previously the number-one place name on the girls’ list, and perhaps at the expense of Brooke (#52; -7).

4. Old-Fashioned Names
Madeline (#56; + 5) is becoming popular again along with variation Madelyn (#63; + 41), which is likely to overtake the original spelling in the near future.

Bruce LanskyAbout the Author:
Bruce Lansky is "The Baby Name Guru." His candid reviews of celebrity baby names and baby-naming articles have been reprinted in thousands of newspapers, magazines, and websites across North America. His name books, which have sold over 11.5 million copies, include 5-Star Baby Name Advisor, 100,000+ Baby Names, 60,000+ Baby Names, The Very Best Baby Name Book, 25,000+ Baby Names, and The New Baby Name Survey.

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