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Satisfied With Choice?
~ A message board archive

Question ~ If you have older kids, how do you feel about the names you chose now? Have you had any concerns about the names (or spellings) you chose (school, friends, family, spelling, confusion) or are you happy with your choice(s)?

From Julie 3/12 ~ My son's name is Cameron Doyle; I really like it. It's got the perfect balance of not terribly common without being outlandish, which is not always easy with a boy. I was a little concerned that the name Cameron would cross completely over into a girl's name, but it seems to have peaked for girls in 1999 (and even then it was barely in the top 200). I don't worry about that anymore.

My daughter's name is Gabrielle Cait. I was a little unsure when I named her this. Now I absolutely adore it--I think her full name is beautiful, but her nickname of Gabby is casual and fun--which fits her to a T. I was hesitant at first because I worried that the name Gabrielle was too frilly, that people would associate the name with pink and lace, and that is not the image I wanted for my child. I still don't know if that is the perception, but I have learned that it is a real crowd-pleaser. I love telling people her name because of the compliments I always get!

From DebbieL ~ My older daughter is Kathryn Elizabeth. We call her Katie, though. I love her name and I love the way it flows. Sometimes I wish we called her Kathryn instead of Katie but I don't regret my choice.

My younger daughter is Kristen Maria. While I love her name I'm not crazy about how it flows. I like the sound of Kristen Marie better but Maria was my husband's grandmother's name and my late sister's middle name. It's also my name I took when I was confirmed. Maria has a lot of sentimental meaning to it for us so that's why we chose it over Marie.

From an 010 ~ When we named our daughter Emma, it was not the number one name. In fact I don't think it was even in the top 5. She was named a few months before Rachel on Friends named her baby that. I am a little sad that she now has the #1 most popular name. However, I still love it as a name and it fits her perfectly.

From Mel ~ My son's name is Connor Dolan, which I still really like. I think that the two names sound good together. Because our last name is Irish as well, it has a nice ring. He is really into all that is Irish, so I guess it works well for him, too.

My daughter's name is Isabella Kate, which I also really like. We named her Isabella with the thought of shortening it to Bella or Ella, however she is much more of an Izzy; and that works well with her personality.

Both of their names are now extremely popular. In 1997, when Connor was born, I never really heard the name before. Now, there is another boy named Connor in his second grade class (his best friend coincidentally) and two more in the kindergarten at his school. We live in a small town in Wisconsin, where I didn't think that his would be that popular of a name. Likewise, it seems like whenever we go anywhere where there is a lot of kids, when I say Isabella's name, another child also responds. Luckily, very few seem to go by Izzy. Despite the popularity of their names, I can't imagine them with any other names. Their names suit them well. I also saw recently that Tom Cruise named both his children Connor and Isabella, so that is the running joke that our kids are named like the Hollywood stars.

From allllison ~ I think I am happy with the names I chose for my boys. Boys don't have cute names too often. But Christian Arthur was my husband's choice. I liked it too. He says boys have to have power names. Arthur is after my father-in-law. Joshua was mutually picked and we saw "A Walk to Remember" and I wanted Landon for his name so we agreed to put it as the middle name. We now have some cute names picked out for the new baby.

From ElizabethJ ~ My son's name is William Gabriel. We call him Gabe. His name suits him to a "t". I like it because we have yet to run into another Gabe and we get compliments on his name.

My daughter's name is Ella Elizabeth. We call her Ella. I wanted to name her Emma but it's too popular here and I wanted her to have a name that wasn't so popular. I gave her my first name for her middle name, but I think if I were to do it over again, I would have named her Ella Elise (Elise is my mom's middle name) or Ella Love (Love is my middle name and was my great- aunt's maiden name). It has a better flow I think. In any case, I love both of their names and think they fit.

From PaulaSue ~ I love them all to this day but I might change Emily to Emma if I could do it again. Nicole couldn't say Emily when she was born and Emma stuck. We let her choose what she wants written for her name and she goes by Emma most of the time too.

From Modelwife ~ My daughter's name is Rachel Elizabeth, and I love both names. They work very well. We had intended on calling Rachel by her initials "REW" (pronounced Roo after the Pooh character), but it never fit. We chose Rachel because it is my husband's grandmother's middle name and Elizabeth is my middle name (which came from my great-grandmother's middle name).

My son's name is Bradley James. We had Bradley picked out since we were married. We loved the name and my husband's best friend's name was Brad (incidently Brad named his middle son after my husband). James is everyone's name: my husband's middle name, my father's first name, my husband's father's name, my brother's middle name and even my brother-in-law's name. It just seemed to hit everyone. We still love it, but hope that his initials don't cause him grief in school since he's a "BJ". We had always intended on calling Bradley, Bradley since my husband's friend was Brad. And it has certainly stuck. Now if we try calling Bradley "Brad" it just sounds very wrong.

For the twins we've picked out more family names. When people ask about what names we have picked we just tell them "Katie" and "Carrie" because their names always end up in us explaining them. Keturah Jean is a family name and people always wonder where we got Keturah. It's a biblical name and my husband's great-grandmother's name. Carolyn Jayne is also a family name and people wonder why we shorten Carolyn. That's my husband's grandma's name again and everyone always calls her Carrie, plus I really liked Carrie. We did have discussions about how we would spell the shortened names, but my husband let me pick what I liked. He was voting for "Katy". I just don't like that as well as Katie. Probably because my name is Jennie and not Jenny.

From amykw33 ~ My kids are Charlotte Irene, Madeline Margaret and Benjamin Lee. The girls' names are a combination of my husband's and my grandmothers' names, and Benjamin is a name we always liked. Lee is both my husband's middle name and his best friend's name -- he passed away 9 years ago, so we wanted to use his name. No regrets about any of their names. Their names are perfect for them.

From Tami C ~ Jeffrey Andrew - I would have preferred Jeffrey Allen, his father wanted Timothy Andrew, so we compromised. Overall I love his name. It is very rare in our school, so he feels special, though I thought it was a fairly common name.

Patricia Lynn - named for my dearest aunt, so of course I love her name and everything it stands for. We call her Patti, which she strongly defends when someone tries to call her Patricia (picture a foot-stomping toddler stating "I not Patricia, I Patti!")

Abigail Marie - After coming up with about 100 names, this is what my husband and I could agree on. I love it. It fits her perfectly. Of course it lends itself to about a dozen nicknames--everything from Abby-doodle to Abber-dabber-doo. Sometimes we call her simply Abby, but most of the time, she is Patti-I-Mean-Abby.

So far for all three the spellings haven't been a problem. My ex-mother-in-law used to spell his name Jeffery instead of Jeffrey, but she spelled everything wrong, so it didn't surprise me. Patricia is pretty common. We shorten it to Patti (not Patty) but I don't think that will be a problem. Abigail is pretty easy, so is Abby.

From LoveMyAlexa ~ Alexa Marie was the only first name that my husband would agree on. I wasn't really fond of Alexa but its really come to fit her. Marie is my middle name and the middle names of both my grandmas so I love it!

Blaine Xander--I was convinced that my daughter was a boy so we picked the name Blaine for her if she was a boy and I loved it, so we kept it in mind when I was pregnant with #2. Our choices for middle names were Garett or Zander and I loved Zander but I didn't really like it spelled with a Z so my Dad suggested Xander. I LOVED it so that became his middle name

From 8isenuf ~ I am very happy with our children's names. We researched meaning and did numerology etc while we were picking. We stuck with traditional and family names with a numerology # that we liked. The ironic thing is that the girls' names rhyme and we didn't do it on purpose. They would have been great twin names (haha). I do wish that we had given the twins (boys) their grandpa's first names (they would have had William George and George William).

Our names in case someone is searching:
~ Alexander James (protector, "the supplanter")
~ Benjamin Isaac (right hand son of the father, laughing one)
~ Alyna Irene (fair/of nobility, peace)
~ Samuel Thomas (asked of God, Thomas means twin!)
~ Andrew Quentin (strong/manly, 5th child!...and he is!)
~ Katrina Eileen (pure, bright one)

What is amazing is that you can actually see the name meanings come out in each child. We do use nicknames even though I love their full names, but that would be another topic, huh?!

From eviesmom ~ I am very satisfied with our name choices. When she was first born I thought that we should have used my daughter's middle name, Salome, as her first so that she would have a unique name. Now I am glad that we used Evelyn. Its a sturdy name that fits her personality better than her ultra-feminine middle name.

The name Danny conjures for me images of happy, carefree little boys with angelic smiles. The name suits my son to a tee and I haven't had a twinge of regret for giving it to him.

From hedra ~ With our oldest, we chose Gabriel, even though we weren't totally thrilled with the nickname "Gabe". Being new parents, we thought we had a chance of enforcing the full name thing until school age. Um, WRONG! By the time he was two, he was calling himself Gabe. It fits him, though, so we've dealt. Not much in the way of regrets, there.

With our second, Brendan, I immediately began to see trouble ahead. "Brendan" wasn't a super-popular name, but I neglected to consider how many alternatives there were, spelling-wise, and how many similar names there were! Brennan, Brandon, Brenden, Brendon... people either pronounce it wrong (I get Brennan and Brandon a lot), or spell it wrong. Even family can't keep it straight! ACK! I don't regret naming him that, it suits him, but it is really frustrating sometimes.

With our twin girls, Rowan and Meriel, I had a little more perspective. Rowan, I knew, would get the occasional 'isn't that a boy's name?', and Meriel would get it spelled wrong or pronounced wrong. But the other alternatives just didn't feel right. I figured I knew what I was letting them in for, at least. What I didn't expect was that both my mom and my mother-in-law cannot pronounce Meriel for the life of them! Both say mare-ee-EL, while we use the standard MARE-ee-el (like muriel, which it is a variant of, or even like GABE-ree-el, which they say right). Heck, even like Mariel Hemingway. Two-plus months, and they still can't get it right. Sigh. Signs of things to come. A lot of people also say (when they hear the names): "Oh, I really like Meriel as a name. Very pretty!" (Followed by zero commentary on Rowan.) Poor dear is going to get a complex if they keep that up for long.

But again, I think the names fit them, so they're stuck with them for now. Rowan, at least, can use her middle name if she really hates being a Rowan (Alexandra).

Also, all ours were picked by meaning, and the meanings all fit perfectly.

I think the one I will have trouble with for the longest is Brendan. All those variations... even though his is one of the two most traditional spellings (Brandon being the other), he's going to be faced with spelling his name for everyone all his life. Sigh.

From jimsgirl ~ My son is named JonMichael Wright (JonMichael being his first name, Wright is his middle). Yes, we do get a lot of criticism. Most people spell it Jon Michael or Jonmichael. We're constantly having to correct people. It doesn't bother me, unless it's someone who should know (like daycare) or if I've JUST written it out and they still don't get it. When we picked his name, my husband wanted Jon Michael. I just didn't really like the compound name idea, and I wanted a family name in there somewhere (Wright is a family name). I was looking through the newspaper, and I saw the spelling JonMichael, and I fell in love with it. Jon is in honor of my uncle, John, who died of cancer several years ago.

My biggest grievance over his name came when I applied to have him added to my insurance. They, of course, misspelled it. When I called to complain (after sending in 2 forms to correct it with no results), the lady had the nerve to tell me that it would look funny on prescriptions!

I've finally gotten to the point where I refuse to defend mine and my husband's choice. I love the name and spelling, and it suits him! If, as an adult, he would rather go by Jon or Michael (or some variation thereof), or even J. Wright (now doesn't that look professional), then that's his choice!

From Narty ~ My son's name is Kegan Paul. It's pronounced "KEE gan" but it's usually pronounced KEG gun. People hearing the name without seeing the spelling don't seem to care for it either. I heard whispers at his soccer game when a parent asked who number 7 was. Another parent said Kegan and the response was, "What kind of a name is that for a boy?" I was heartbroken. I love the name but if I had to do it over again, I'd name him Paul Kegan instead.

From Tigo ~ Maryn Elizabeth - I love her name but I often wished that I had spelled it Marin. I like it spelled with a y but it causes some people confusion.

Isaac Kenneth. I love Isaac's name - Kenneth is in honour of my husband's uncle who passed away at a young age. He was a great man and I'm glad it's his name.

From MummyandMeghan ~ My eldest daughter is Meghan Katharine Georgina. My husband and I have had terrible trouble agreeing on girls' names so it took us a long time to get to Meghan. Katharine and Georgina are special family names, so that part was easy.

Her name is pronounced just like it looks (Meg Ann), but here in New Zealand and Australia it gets pronounced Meeeee gan (which I don't like). We gave her the Welsh spelling to try to get around it, but I've just about given up trying to correct people. I honestly don't think people can hear the difference!!!!!!

My youngest daughter is Lucy Heather May. Once again Heather and May are special family names and Lucy is a name we both liked and agreed on. At least people shouldn't have too much trouble with that one.

Both my husband and I are not 100% satisfied with Meghan now (only because of the pronunciation issues), but it suits her to a T and we couldn't imagine anything else.

From Scout ~ My son's name is Samuel Finn, and we normally call him Sam. I love his name. I've gotten some negative comments from members of my family about his middle name, but I think it suits him perfectly. No regrets at all.

From lunchbox ~ My daughter is Anna Lucille. She goes by a nickname of her middle name (Lucy or Lulu). I really love the name Lucille and sort of wish that I had made that as her first name since Anna is really just filler. However, when my husband came up with her name it just seemed perfect. We did get a lot of grief for picking an "old lady name". And we did look through obituaries because we both love old Southern names. If you ask her, she prefers to be called Lulu and that is what we call her 90% of the time. And it definitely suits her.

From davismommy ~ My son is Tate Kainalu and my daughter is Kelsey Kailani. Both were named after side creeks on the river where my husband proposed. With Tate we had some reservations due to the movie Little Man Tate, the possibility of the nickname Tater Tot, and the off hand chance it might become the next hot girl's name. So far it hasn't been an issue. One thing I didn't anticipate is how often people think we are saying Nate. Overall though I really like the name and think it suits him. Kelsey is a name I've always liked and still do. With her I think the problem will be so many other girls with similar names, Kelly, Kaylee, Kylee, etc. As for middle names they're both Hawaiian to represent my heritage and have ocean as their root. My husband is a bit of a water freak, can you tell?

From capittm ~ My kids' names are: Daniel William, Hannah Marie, and Allison Nicole. I love all their names. We chose Daniel because our family has such a large Irish heritage yet no one in the family named Daniel! Hard to believe but true. He's 9 now and has started insisting everyone call him Dan. I kind of miss Daniel, but he says I can still call him that.

Hannah's name I solely picked out. My husband and I were both sure she was a boy. Numerous ultrasounds, but they never could tell (she was breech). Finally when she was born, I got to "name her whatever I wanted"... that's how sure my husband was that she was a boy!

Allison is Allie. I love it and it fits her to a T. I do call her Allison sometimes, but she knows it is basically only when she's in trouble!

From JamieMarie ~ My son is James Camden, and he goes by his middle name. We did this on purpose; several males in my family and my husband's family go by their middle name. The James is for my father-in-law who died when he was 10. The cool thing about it being his first name rather than his middle is that yes, people will call him James sometimes and he will have to correct him, BUT that way this name is not a forgotten name which to me is what the middle name usually is. It is also a usefully screening tool. That is how my husband and brother, etc, know if people know them. If someone calls them by their first name they obviously do not. What I did not think about was that my first name is Jamie. So I have to look at our insurance cards carefully. We really like the name Camden. My husband is a big Baltimore Orioles fan and when we were trying to conceive we went to Camden Yards to see them play. It was the first time my husband had ever been to see them play and it was a magical moment to be there with him. I just leaned over to him and asked him if he liked the name "Camden" and he agreed. A few of the elders in our family seem to have a hard time saying his name. It really makes us scratch our head wondering why but we hear a lot of "Can-dum" from them.

My daughter's name is Kylie Elizabeth. We originally were going to name her Carly but once we got confirmation that she was indeed a girl, my husband backed out and came up with Kylie. It sounds better with Camden's name than Carly did and I was getting a little annoyed at the comments I kept getting when I said I liked Carly which was, "Oh are you a Carly Simon fan?" I really don't have anything against Carly Simon, but I was annoyed that people automatically thought of her or thought that was the reason I liked the name. I let my husband name her Kylie which was only fitting since I came up with Camden. I don't regret it, but I'll always be a little sad that I did not get a Carly. Elizabeth is in honor of my husband's sister Betty. Of all of the female names in the family, it was the one I liked best and I think it suits her.

From Terrilein ~ I love my daughter's name, Lauren Claire, but I'm constantly having to correct Germans in their pronunciation of it. I just didn't really see it coming, but half the time, people will pronounce her name Lorraine instead of Lauren. For a while, my daughter started pronouncing saying her name that way, too, which is how I found out that everyone was saying it wrong in pre-school. The kids are all fixated on Lorraine now and one teacher just can't get it right, but at least my daughter knows what her name is supposed to be now. Oh well.

From My Boy's Mom ~ I chose very traditional masculine names for both of my boys and I am quite happy with my choices. As a former teacher and someone with a nontraditional spelled name, I also chose traditional spelling for my boys' names. I have never had any issue with others not knowing how to spell their names.

From Jelly-Anne ~ Our kids are Payton Michael and Brooklyn June.

I love Payton's name. It isn't too popular and it really suits him. Michael for a middle name is after my husband. I think it flows really well together and with our last name. I also really like the spelling. I don't care for it spelled "Peyton". I've also seen it spelled "Paytyn" or something like that which I don't like.

I do have reservations on Brooklyn's name. I actually came up with it, and my husband and I both like it and agreed to it, but I sometimes wish she had a different name. Grace, Ashlyn, or Hailey. I can't even say with certainty that I think the name Brooklyn suits her. Funny thing is, I think both the names "Brook" and "Lynn" are both very pretty on their own. Oh well. My husband has both kids' names and birthdays tattooed on his arm, so there's no changing it now!!! I do like the spelling of it though. I don't care for "Brooklynn, Brooklynne," or any other variation. Her middle name is after my husband's grandma who died many years ago and he was so close to her. We were hoping she would be born on June's birthday (May 29), but she came early (May 19). I am glad as well that it is not a super popular name.

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