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Names You Didn't Use
~ A message board archive

Question ~ What names (and combinations of names) did you love, but didn't use because something else won out? Share them - maybe they are exactly what someone else is looking for!

From Aimee ~ I really like the name Emma or Emily Claire; however, we have several friends who chose the name Emma so we decided not to use it. I love classic names like Olivia, Sara, and Abby. I also like Chloe too.

From SusanH ~ I have a long list of girl's names I love that won't work for us for one reason or another. A few off the top of my head:

From justrose ~ For girls, I love/d: Ella, Camille, Alaina, Katharine, Rhiannon and Clara.

For boys, I love/d: Matthew, Luke, Aaron, Ryan, Nathan, Daniel and Holden.

From Tami C~ My son's father really wanted him to be Timothy Andrew. I wanted Jeffrey Allen. We compromised on Jeffrey Andrew, but now I really regret giving in on Allen. It's my dad's middle name, and it's still at the top of the list, if we ever decide to have another baby and it's a boy. When Abigail was born, I really lobbied for Alyssa. I like Abigail too, but Alyssa really struck me hard.

From juju ~ Boy's names that we considered: Connor, Ryan, Aidan, Jacob, Donovan, Nicholas, Benjamin (We never settled on a boy's name when pregnant with Gabby. Good thing she was a girl.)

Girls names: Abigael, Reese, Paige, and if Cameron had been a girl he would have been Reilly Hannah.

From bugsmom ~ When we were pregnant with my daughter, if she were a boy she would have been Charles Xavier (like professor X, only I did not realize it until we settled on the name); the other boy's name was Ethan Christopher. For a girl, Madeline Alice was in the running for quite a while because Madeline and Alice are my great grandmothers' names, and Alice also happens to my mother-in-law's name (she is a great person). My daughter is Meredith Grace. She is named in a round about way after Mary in the Bible. Grace is just because we liked it.

For my son, if he were a girl, the top girl's name was Josephine Aili. Jospehine would have been for my mother (her middle name is Jo, my grandfather who is named Joseph, and for my husband's grandmother who was a Josephine herself). Aili is the Scottish form of Alice and see above. We had no clue on the nickname but liked either Sophie or Josie. My son was either going to be Theodore Paul or Sebastian Allister. By the way, he is Teddy. Theodore was after one of my favorite characters in Little Women and the same was true of Josephine. Paul is a family name. My grandfather's middle name, my husband's grandfather's name and my great grandfather's name. Ironically, my great grandfather was Paul Theodore. Sebastian was a name we liked and Allister is a variation of my maiden name. I really loved Connor Ian but our last name begins with an A and would have made his initials CIA.

If we have another my current choices are for a girl:
Charlotte Eleanor
Josephine Aili
Carolyn Jo

For a boy:
Nathaniel Allister
Jospeh Glenn
Josiah Steven

From Bloomin' Mama ~ Names much beloved but free to a good home:
Sophie Catherine
Lachlan Anthony
Bronwyn Lily
Jemima or Jemma
Bridget but use the age old nickname for this Bridey

From Mel ~ We really liked Emma for a girl, however it was also our neighbor's dog's name. Other girl names that were seriously discussed were: Molly, Erin, Ella, and Sidney. If my daughter would have been a boy, she would have more than likely been Declan (My husband lobbied hard and long for that). We couldn't agree on anything else. The only other name discussed was Owen.

From MaryS ~ I loved James, but someone at work had just had a "James", that she called Jamie, so we didn't.

From My Boy's Mom ~ My girl name was always Elena Renee. Alas, we never had her . . . sigh.

From ink-stained mom ~ For a girl, Cecilia. I loved the name, but my husband didn't. For a boy, Sam. Ditto.

From hedra ~ We always have a stack of names that we pick from after we meet the baby(ies), so we have a lot of unused names.

Nicholas (Gabe wasn't a Nick, though we liked Nick better before he was born)
Colin (Brendan wasn't a Colin, same deal - liked Colin best until we met Bren and he wasn't a Colin)
Daeland (means 'God's fire')

Cairan (Liked this best for a girl, but Rowan was clearly a Rowan, and Meriel was either Meriel or Fiona)
Fiona (Meriel almost was Fiona, but it didn't go with Rowan or Gabe or Bren as well)

From Cocomuffin ~ Alice was almost Antigone but it lost out on the coin toss. We were partial to Fiona as well but I didn't feel like naming my kid after Hannibal's mom. If she's been a boy, she would've been Aleister Crowley M. or Elric Lucien M.

From Melissa ~ There were SO many names I had considered before I had my daughter. We ended up naming her Abigail Elizabeth, but other names I loved were Caitlin Isabelle, Emmaleigh Faith, Emma Grace, Isabelle Hope, and Madeline Leighanne.

From Jelly-Anne ~ If Payton had been a girl: Hanna Lauren. If Brooklyn had been a boy: Carson Andrew

From aliboo ~ I was in hospital from when my waters broke at 24 weeks until Ruthie was born at 28 weeks (and I stayed into hospital until she was 12 days old - she was discharged when she was 9.5 weeks). During the weeks before she was born I had loads of time to try and think about a name for 'him' or her. I knew I wanted either a Biblical name or one with a family connection. I 'hoped' my baby would be a girl and had thought I would call her Madeline Lily, (after my grandma), to be known as Maddie. But on her birth I was 'driven' to call her Ruth. It was a very powerful force. I hadn't even delivered the placenta and the peds were round her, saving her, and I recall clearly saying, 'Her name is Ruth. She is called Ruth,' over and over again, in a most determined way, until the docs answered and said they'd heard. I found it a most profound spiritual experience and I sincerely believe God named her. In the days that followed I felt even more certain of that, and also said that I should give her a middle name that had special meaning to me. I chose Ana, as during my 20's I had lived in Spain for some months and it was in honour of that beautiful country and my love and respect for its rich and vibrant culture. She was soon called Ruthie or Ruthie-Ana most of the time. She's rarely called just Ruth. She most certainly isn't a Maddie!

From Angellochie ~ If my first son had been a girl he would have been Sharae Rose. Instead we have Jared Alexander. If my second son had been a girl he would have been Tamara Jane. Our sweet angel was Lachlan (Lochie) James. If my daughter had been a boy she would have been Nicolas Jamie. My princess is Alyssa Jane. Other names I loved but my husband nixed were: Charlotte, Gabrielle, Ethan, Rowan, Evan, Heather.

From Lisa JD ~ Didn't really have another girl's name . . .I always wanted a Brooke. I LOVE Charlotte and Gabriella (Bella)!! I also like Kayla, but my husband didn't. *sigh* I like Jade for a middle name or Reece. We never got to use Jake as we had a girl, and I LOVE Rhys for a boy.

From Cait ~ Once upon a time I loved both Hannah and Emily and I STILL love them but felt they were a little too common at the time (and now we have an Elisabeth and it seems like everywhere I go I'm tripping over Elisabeths). My favorite boy names that we haven't used are Charles (Charlie)(we still may use it someday), Nicholas and Samuel. If we have another girl I think we'll use Charlotte and call her Charley. We usually always chose family surnames or family names so I won't bore you with those.

From lunchbox ~ Violet, Clementine, Maebelle, Hazel, Maude, Iris. Can you tell I love old lady names? I wanted to use Fern as a first name but my husband couldn't do it. I like it because it's a plant that thrives in the shade and Della's big sister has a large personality that casts a big shadow. Plus, my husband and I are both into the environment and love the outdoors so I really wanted a plant name. The name Della just came to me. We actually call her Della Fern most of the time. If our second child had been a boy, he would have been named Leo Ulysses. I love the name Leo and my husband loved the name Ulysses. I like it too, since it's very rare and slightly odd, perfect for a middle name.

From youshi ~ Brady was going to be Brenden until I heard the name Brady and instantly knew that was his name. Plus it is my my husband's name with a "y" on the end. So not a jr. but it is still close to his name with a different sound. Shay was named when I was a child. Shay is my mom and my middle name. Leigh is the feminine version of LEE which is my father's middle name. If Shay was a boy she was going to be named Grant Allen. Grant because it is a strong name for a child and an adult and allen after my dh's middle name.

From mooney ~ My husband and I had our boy name picked out from day 1. Luck be it that the doctor announced that we would in fact be the proud parents of a baby girl! We agreed on a girl name (Cara Eileen) but I still dream of a little Nolan Glynn . . .

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