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Naming Baby After Yourself or Partner
~ A message board archive

Question ~ Have you, or would you name your baby after yourself or your partner? First and middle name or just one?

From SusanH ~ We named our daughter a variation of my first name. I am Susan, she is Susanna. I was a little uncertain at first about using a variant of my own name, but eventually agreed. Now I love it and it makes me happy to have that connection with her. Her middle name, Jane, connects her with both of her grandmothers. I like that we have linked the women in our family through her name.

From 8isenuf ~ I agree Susan, what a great idea! I used Grandmother middle names for middle names of my daughters. . . funny, one is Irene and the other Eileen . . . similar yet different.

When we had twin boys we threw around the idea of using Grandfather first names but didn't do it. Kind of wish we did now . . .hindsight! When I asked a couple of friends their thoughts they wrinkled their nose at my Dad's name being used . . . George . . . I shouldn't have listened although the names we did pick do fit them very well.

I wanted a James Jr. but my husband wouldn't hear of it. I have a friend who was given her mother's name and she "hates" it. She feels that she doesn't have her own identity. When I asked why she was given her mother's name, she said because "they were lazy." I am sure that there was more of a story to it but never tried to find out. I guess it is just a personal, gut feeling type of decision.

From Tami C ~ I would have given my son his father's name (Maurice Francis, named for his grandfathers), but he didn't want to. In my own opinion, I would only name a firstborn son Junior. I feel like it's one of those first-chance things. Since my husband didn't want to go that way, we chose to give him his own unique name, so that nobody could lay claim to him. In hindsight, I wish I had gone with my dad's middle name as my son's middle name.

My first daughter was named for my favorite aunt who passed away a few years ago. I had always thought I would name a daughter after her, and when she passed away, it was a done deal. I wasn't even seeing my husband yet, so when we met, fell in love, married, got pregnant, and finally had a baby girl, he just had to be ok with it because I had already clinched it.

I forgot to say anything about middle names. Patti has mine, Abigail has my sister's. My sister gave her oldest daughter her own middle name and her younger daughter my middle name. Both middle names come down from my mother's and grandmother's middle names.

From Lisa_K ~ My husband adamantly refused to use his name for our son. In his family, it's a grandparent to grandchild thing.

From patnrose ~ We gave our children family names, but not from ex-husband or me.

Thomas is my dad's name. I always knew if I ever had a son his name would be Thomas. My ex-husband had no choice. I always said it was a condition of our marriage. Martin is ex-father-in-law's first name. I wanted his middle name to be John, which is also a family name. Have you seen "My Girl"? The little boy in the movie's name is "Thomas J" and I thought it was so cute. I also like the nickname TJ. My ex-husband hated it though, and thought ex-father-in-law would be insulted if we didn't use his name since we used my dad's. So Thomas Martin it is!

Anna is a family name on both sides. Our Anna has two great-great-great grandmothers named Anna, both deceased of course. Oddly enough, we didn't know that when we picked it. Esther is ex-grandmother-in-law's first name. No one has ever used her first name or either of her middle names, which I found so sad. My ex-husband's family typically doesn't name children after family. We loved the way Anna Esther flowed and I love the way it looks on paper when I write it. I am a total name dork, I know! People either love Esther or they hate it; we get both reactions. I don't care. I love old-fashioned names.

My significant other's name is Daniel, and *if* (big if here) we ever had a son I would love to name him Daniel because I really like the name. He is adamant though that he hates "junior" names, so maybe not.

From Book_Worm ~ Owen and my husband share the same middle name (which is also my father-in-law's first name), and Heather and I share the same middle name (which is used by many in my family as a middle name). Future children will have their middle names taken from their grandparents likely.

From Julie 3/12 ~ My husband and I do not care for namesakes. My husband is named for his father and his grandfather, and he vehemently dislikes it. He says that he grew up being called "Little Dave" and feeling like his name was not HIS, but rather a monument to someone else's greatness. I'm sure he feels like he owns his name now, but he was adamant that our kids all have a name they could call their own. I do like the idea of somehow connecting to family names, so my husband worked with me by suggesting my mother's maiden name for my son's middle name.

From NY*Mom ~ My husband didn't want our children named after anyone in our family. He wanted our children to have their own "identity" which I was fine with. We picked our daughter's name because we love those names. No one on either side has a Madelyn or Elizabeth.

From Libby ~ I would never think of naming any of my girls after me. I just think it is vain for a woman to want to name her child after herself. My husband feels the same way - even if we had a boy, he would get his own name. We feel each child deserves something of their own to start out in life with. We did though use family names for middle names - one is after my grandmother, another after my mother and another after my husband's mother.

From ElizabethN ~ My husband is "junior" although his parents had not planned on naming him after his father before his birth. But he was born on his father's 21st birthday, and they decided that it was fate for him to have the same name as well. We probably won't name a child after him unless the same thing happens again.

From Blue Eyes ~ My husband was adamant on not having a "Jr." named after him. My husband chose the first name Dakota and I chose Keith as the middle name (which is my husband's first name). I wanted our son to somehow have his dad's name and it sounded very nice together.

From mtwarog ~ I really wanted to name my son after my husband so we could call him AJ but my husband was adamant about not having a junior. Oh well. For my daughter we couldn't agree on any names, family or not, so when we finally agreed that was it. Oh and it was the same for my son; we chose the only name we could agree on.

From Wonkymom ~ Our daughter Sarah Lynn shares my middle name. Our son Alexander's first name is my husband's middle name. My other son Corey James has my father's first name as his middle name. My other two children just have their own names.

From ElizabethJ ~ William is a family name on my husband's side of the family, and Williams was my maiden name, hence Gabe's first name. Elizabeth is my first name (named after my great aunt) and Ella's middle name. We thought about naming her after me, but I loved Ella (which is a nickname for Ellen which was my great aunt's first name). I got my great aunt's maiden name for my middle name. I don't see anything wrong with naming your children after you. Elizabeth is not the big family name in my family. Katherine/Catherine is, and my sister named my niece Kathryn so that took it out of the running for us.

From Muffin's Mommy ~ The only reason I would be against having a "jr" is because I work with people's credit reports all the time and you don't know just how many problems we have when there are jr's and sr's involved. We once had a customer who we couldn't get their credit fixed because their son (who was a jr) had absolutely ruined his credit and his father's by association and was now incarcerated and we couldn't reach him to get what we needed to straighten it out. That fixed the jr thing for me! Both of my kids have their own names, and believe you me, we labored long and hard over them both before we finally agreed.

From DawnMichelle ~ We always agreed that no matter what gender we had, our first of each gender would have the same middle name as mom or dad. My middle name is Michelle, and Andrea, our oldest was named Andrea Michelle. I am pregnant again, and if we should have a boy, the middle name will be the same as my husband's, Dean. My husband is the III, and absolutely hates it. Hates his entire name, but really hates the III. My brother is the II, and my dad is not such a good person, and people are forever mixing up my dad and brother's credit, among other things. I would not use a complete name of anyone in our families for our kids.

From PaulaSue ~ NO! Both my husband and I are named after our parents and grandparents and wouldn't do that to our children. My name is my grandmother's and mother's names shortened to make my first name. Pauline Susan to Paula Sue. My husband's name is the same way, not shortened, to make his first (grandfather) and middle name (father). In my husband's family there is a line of (his first name) in the family and it is SO HARD to know how anyone is talking about at a family function. In my father's side of the family we all seem to have some form of Sue in our name and grandma calls us all (the girls) Susie.

From Geannie ~ Our family has a little different tradition, which I'll try to explain. My middle name is after my maternal grandfather. His name was Gene, mine is Jean. If I had been a boy, then I would have my paternal grandfather's name as my middle name.

We followed suit with our daughter. Her middle name is Michelle, my father's name is Michael. *If* this new baby is a boy, his middle name will be Mah, which is a family name of my husband's side. (At least I think that's the one he'll pick. I've left the middle name up to him.) If we have another girl, then we're in trouble with middle names!

From melake66 ~ Our daughter's first name (Delaney) is not a family name; it was simply a name we both liked a great deal. However, her middle name (Lee) is also her father's middle name. That was my choice (my husband didn't object). It happened to be a name I've always liked, and I like the simplicity of it, with her first name .

We don't have #2 yet, although we are trying and I would like the middle name (regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl) to be my last name. My daughter has her father's last name (I did not change my last name after marriage) and I would like all our children to have the same last name; but I do like my own last name and would like to see it last another generation!

From TwinMama6 ~ I had no problem with a Junior but my husband didn't. My son Ethan has my maiden name as his middle name (Craig). I would never use my first name for a daughter unless it was her middle name, etc. I worked with someone named Linda who had a daughter named Linda and they called her Linda Carol. I also have the same middle name as my mom; she is Brenda Gail and I'm Patricia Gail.

From Lizbaby4 ~ My oldest son is named after both grandparents - Robert Julian. I didn't want my husband's father's name first, because he walked out on him when he was 18 months old, so we used my dad's name. He is the 8th Robert in my family (including marriages). We call him RJ, and he is the only one in the family who is called by his initials.

My second son has a variation of my husband's first name. We were going to just go with Elliot Logan, but the initials, combined with our last name, would have made him an ELF his whole life, so we added Francis (my husband is Francisco). So now, he is Elliot Francis Logan.

My third son is an original . . . all the way around. We were running out of boys names and just picked ones we liked.

My daughter is named after me, my mother, and my grandmother. My niece is also named Elizabeth, but there are a lot of variations on the name, so there is no confusion. My grandmother is deceased, my mother is Bette, I am Liz, my niece is Betsy, and my baby is Elizabeth. Her middle names come from my husband's mother, Josephine, and my great grandmother, Emily.

I don't think it is vain to honor my child with a family name, or to give them a name that I love.

From CHR ~ We named our first daughter by taking my husband's middle name and my middle name which resulted in Ivey Renae. Ivey is a name that has been passed down for 5 generations in his family but only to the men. We just decided it was time for a female to get it.

From Angellochie ~ My son has his father's middle name as his middle name. It is Alexander. It is a family name. My son is now the 5th generation straight to have Alexander as a middle name. My daughter and I also share a middle name, mostly because it sounded nice with her first name than any other reason. Jane after all, is a very common middle name.

From TracyC1 ~ We wanted to use a family name, but also wanted our children to have their own names. My son's middle name is a family name. His great grandfather was James DeVille, his grandfather is John Deville and his dad John James. My husband didn't want a jr but we loved DeVille, and since it is pretty unusual, we decided to use it for a middle name. Cooper was pretty unique at the time, but it is becoming more and more popular.

My daughter's first name comes from her great grandmother, my grandmother. We gave Evie her own middle name, Grace, because I love the way Eva Grace sounds together, and I figured if she inherited my ungracefulness, she needed all the "grace" she could get. At the time, my grandma was the only Eva I had ever heard of, but now I hear it a lot.

From Em's Mamma ~ Namesakes are very common here in Iceland, so my husband was very up for it. My daughter Emiliana Joy's name comes from Emily (my mother's name), Anna (none or the like in either family), and Joy which is my middle name.

My son Gabriel Gunnar - no Gabriels in either family but Gunnar is my father-in-law's first name.

If we have more children, a daughter would probably have my mother-in-law's first name Aõalheiõur as a middle name. A son would probably have my dad's first name David as a middle name. I quite like including the grandparents in this way, and I know that it sparks such pride and deep emotions for them to see their name live on.

From Sweet Pea ~ Our first son has my husband's middle name which is also my husband's grandfather's middle name. If we had/have a girl, we would consider my middle name as hers too. We both didn't like the idea of a junior; both with my husband's or my name.

From Scout ~ Our first son, George Henry, was named after my husband. If he had lived, I think we would have named him Henry George (my husband is the third George Crosby in his family, and I didn't want our son to be George Crosby IV). I didn't really want our son to grow up being called junior or "Little George." But since he didn't live, that wasn't an issue.

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