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Older "Classic" Names
~ A message board archive

Question ~ What older names would you like to see come back into vogue? Would you like to just hear/read them? Or would you use one of them? Let's start some name revivals!

From Hedra ~ Most of the older names I really like have already come back! Emma, for example. That's my great-aunt's name, and it is what, number 1 or 2 in popularity this year? I also like Clara and Claire, both of which are coming back (Clara was my great-grandmother). Ruth is one I'd love to see come back, that hasn't made it yet (my favorite 'virtue' name, though most people don't recognize it as a virtue - opposite of ruthless). And the rest of the virtue names (Hope, Charity, Faith - though Chastity I could skip, as it would be a huge torment for the child at this point!). For boys names, I think the same thing is happening. Some of the old names have come back already, especially Hebrew names.

From Aimee ~ I love classic names and am glad to see lots of them coming back. Emma, Claire, Kate, Grace, Abigail are a few favorites. I haven't thought much about boys names, though I do like Jack and Sam.

From babybert ~ Two names that I absolutely love for a girl are Hannah and Linea (like the little girl from the Monet books). I'm very partial to them because Hannah Linea was my grandmother's name. I think they're beautiful anyway. If I ever have a little girl, those would be the names I would choose.

From Kathleen ~ One of my grandmothers was named Virginia - I would love to see that name come back into vogue! Her middle name was Cecilia and I just think Virginia Cecilia is a pretty name. That's my vote for names worthy of making a comeback!

From patnrose ~ As the owner of an "old lady name", I love them! Since we named our children after family, it was inevitable that there would be older names. Anna's first name was that of two of her great-great grandmothers. Her middle name, Esther, is her father's grandma's name. Thomas is named after my dad, and Martin is his father's and grandfather's middle name.

If we would have had more children, our girl's name was Clara Margaret. Clara is not a family name, but Margaret is grandma Esther's middle name.

Now that I have two children with older, classic names, if I ever have another child with someone else, it will need an older name so it sounds nice with Anna and Thomas.

From amykw33 ~ As the mother of two girls with old lady names (Charlotte Irene and Madeline Margaret), I have to say I love older names! My son would have been Clara Grace had he been a girl. Other names on our list were Eleanor, Helena, Sadie, Iris, Ivy, Violet, Fiona, Naomi, Phoebe, Miranda, and Bella, among others. My girls were named after four actual old ladies - my husband's and my grandmothers.

In terms of boys' names, we absolutely loved Benjamin and always had that on our list. Other names I also loved are Oliver, Elliott, Samuel, Joseph and Henry.

From Suzee ~ My husband's name is Elliott and our daughter is Eleanor. If we have another daughter, she will probably be Caroline and if we have a son his name will be Henry. All of the above are family names as well as older names that we just happened to like.

From SusanH ~ Some traditional girl names I love that aren't too popular right now: Linnea, Elise, Elena, Clara, Clarissa, Willa, Alice, Nora, Nina and of course my daughter's name, Susanna Jane.

From an_010 ~ Tess

From nj teacher ~ Our baby girl will be named Eleanor Elizabeth after our grandmothers! (Ella) Our son will be Arthur Jerard after my husband's grandfather and St Gerard.

From LoveMyAlexa ~ I love Hazel and Viola. Both are my Grandmas' names, and I love them both, although both of my Grandmas aren't keen on either of them!

From Rylee's Mommy ~ I have always loved Sadie for a little girl!! I also love Phoebe, Madeline, Victoria, Katherine, Julia/Juliette, and much more. For boys I love Samuel, Jack, Henry, and Charlie too. LOVE the old names!

From Lizbaby4 ~ I have a Robert Julian, Elliot Francis and Ian Spencer, also an Elizabeth Josephine Emily. I guess you could say I like older names! Boys names were hard. We used my grandfather's, my husband's father's, and my husband's name. Also used the grandmothers' names for our girl.

From shortcake ~ One of the names we are considering for our baby is Agnes. That's an old name that no one but us (and one other friend) seems to like. It goes soooo well with the middle name we like too. If we pick these 2 to go together though, we'll probably call the girl by her middle name (just because it's the one I love the best). We are still looking for other names to go with Agnes though so she may be called that yet!

From coosbay ~ I think old names are just that - old-fashioned. Kids hate those kind of names when they're older and in school.

From Paulette ~ Julia Roberts named her kids Hazel and Phinneus. I don't think I could be "that" classic but more power to her! My favorite classic boy's name is Henry. I also like Edgar or Edmund. I used to think Abigail was an old classic name but it's definitely made a comeback. Eleanor is another favorite.

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