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Featured Name ~ Rachael Shelby

Rachael ~ Form of Rachel, Hebrew for ewe
Shelby ~ English for from the manor house, ledge estate, meadow

My husband and I have a different last name so it was very hard to find a biblical girl's name that flowed well and was beautiful as well. He finally chose Rachel. When I was registering for the baby shower, I came across a picture frame with the spelling Rachael. I immediately called him and told him I really liked that spelling, it was feminine and fitting for that anticipated bundle. He agreed and so we changed the spelling. We have caught a lot of flack over it, saying it is no longer a biblical name, etc. but we know the meaning to us, our beautiful baby girl who is now a precious 3 year old. The literal meaning is "ewe" or "little lamb".

Her middle name comes from one of my favorite movies Steel Magnolias. Shelby means is "meadow" which is fitting for a little lamb.

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