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Featured Name ~ Trenton

Trenton ~ Latin for flowing river; area near rapid stream

By Trenton's Mom

TrentonWhen I first found out I was pregnant, I was quite sure I was having a girl. So many fun names popped into my head, it would be a real challenge to pick the right one out for my little girl! Halfway through my pregnancy I found out my little girl was in fact a little boy . . . and thus began our long journey in choosing just the right name.

My husband and I have a long, difficult to pronounce Italian surname. We wanted something sort of simple for our boy. But we also wanted something different. Not off-the-wall different, but not something so common that there would be a lot of other boys with the same name. My husband is real fair-skinned with light colored eyes, I am darker-skinned with brown eyes and dark hair. We had no idea what our son was going to look like. After months of studying baby name books and arguing endlessly, we came to a few names we could mutually agree on.

We decided that if he was on the darker side we would name him Brock, and if he was on the fair side we would go with Chase or Trent. Trent was sort of a last minute entry. Well, the big day came and as soon as I saw him, I knew he was no Brock. We both agreed he was a Trent for sure. It just seemed right for our light-skinned, fair-haired, blue-eyed boy. At the very last second I decided to tack on the 'on' making his full name Trenton. Not a week passes where someone doesn't mention to me that they think he has a neat name. As he gets bigger, we marvel all the time about how it just seems to be the perfect name for him.

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