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Baby Names Cubby

Baby Names 1998
Names Chosen By StorkNet Members

These are the first and middle names of the babies listed in our 1998 arrivals section. We thought it would be fun to keep track of the names so you can see what's popular and for ideas on what to name your own baby. Visit our 1999 names list, 2000 names list, 2001 names list, 2002 names list, 2003 names list, 2004 Names, 2005 Names, 2006 Names, 2007 Names, 2008 Names, 2009 Names, 2010 Names, 2011 Names, 2012 Names, 2013 Names, AND 2014 Names, .

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Girl Names  |  Boy Names  |  Twins/Multiples Names

Abi Marie
Abigail Marie
Abigail Rose
Adryan Alixandrea   
Alanna Saline
Alexandra Lynn
Alexandra Marie
Alexandra Victoria
Alexis Brianna
Alexis Priscilla
Ally Marie
Alysa Lyn
Alyssa Taylor
Amanda Dawn
Amber Dawn
Angela Marie
Anna Elizabeth
Ashleigh Danielle
Ashley Madison
Ashlyn Maria
Ava Catherine
Bethany Grace
Blakely Ann
Breahna Storm
Breanna LeShae
Brianna Marie
Brianna Nicole
Brianna Renee'
Brinley Marie
Brittany Denae
Brooke Noelle
Cailin Shae
Caitlin Maria
Caitlin Nicole
Caitlin Rose
Calysta Elizabeth
Cameron Elizabeth
Cameron Leigh
Carissa Lynn
Carly Lynn
Caroline Kristina
Chandler Shae
Charleigh Shaelyn
Chelsea Dawn
Cierra Noelle
Claire Elizabeth
Clarissa Nicole
Cynthia Rayn
Danielle Brianna
Danielle Caylin
Dollye Catherine
Elida Kaye
Elizabeth Jane
Emily Ann
Emily Anne
Emily Joan
Emily Margaret
Emily Paige
Emory Jeanne
Erica Nicole
Erin Courtney
Erynn Quinn
Gloria Raye
Hailey Anne
Hailey Elizabeth
Hailey Michele
Haley Lavelle
Haley Marie
Haley Michelle
Hannah Elizabeth
Hannah-Lynn Margaret
Hannah May
Isabelle Mae
Isabelle October
Jakob Bram
Jasmin Danielle
Jasmine Alicia
Jessica Anne
Jessica Elizabeth
Jessica Julianne
Jessie Marie
Jillayne Piper
Jillian Camille
Jordan Alise
Jordan Elizabeth
Jordan Danielle
Jordyn Danielle
Josephine Mary-Ann
Kaitlyn Alyssa
Kaitlyn Gabrielle
Kamryn (Kami) Grace
Katelyn Anne
Katherine Lillian
Katrina Elise
Katrina Grace
Kayla Ann
Kayla Brianne
Kayla Marie
Kaylyn Nicole
Kelsy LaChelle
Kiley LaShaye
Kimberleigh Ann
Krislyn Leonette
Kristen Nicole
Kristina Scarlett
Lauren Madison
Lydia Jane
Macey Lanette
Macy Leigh
Madeleine Anne
Madelyn Grace
Madilyn Jean
Madison Emily
Madison Sora
Makayla Anne
MaKayla Rose
Margaret Emmaline
Maria Elizabeth
McKayla Blayne
McKenna Jayden
Mekala Janet
Melanie Brianne
Melanie Grace
Mia Nicole
Mikayla Madison
Mikayla Marie Star
Miriam Louise
Morgan Brianna
Morgan Elizabeth
Morgan Helena
Morgan Kayla
Morgan Paige
Natalie Rose
Nina Mercedes
Paige Taylor
Patricia Avis
Ocean Oriana
Oceana Blue
Olivia Elinor
Paris Rose
Rachel Scarlett
Ramsey Nicole
Reannon Elizabeth
Rhiannon Elise
Rose Gabrielle
Sadie Lynn
Sadie Mae
Samantha Lynne
Sara Grace
Sarah Catherine
Shanna MaryRose
Shelby Nichole
Sierra Kay
Sierra Lynn
Sierra Maree
Sierra Raine
Sydney Donella
Sylvia Grace
Taja Marie
Taylor Alexis
Taylur Cheyanne
Tia Jenay
Victoria Rose
Vivienne Lovelace
Zoe Michelle
Aaron Miguel
Adam John
Adam Matthew
Adam Roger
Aidan Philip
Alec Gerald
Alexander Gabriel
Alexander Jack
Amir Alexander
Andrew Bradley
Andrew James
Austin Brendan
Austin Chase
Austin Paul
Benjamin Gunther
Bradley Glendon
Brady Brient
Brandon Lee
Brandon Michael
Brayden Zane
Brendan Michael
Brendon Alexander
Brody McGwire
Cage Mikkel
Caleb Matthew
Caleb Michael
Callum James
Camden Joseph
Carter Joseph
Carter Scott
Case Donovan
Chase Lee
Christian Alexander
Christian Armand
Christian Taylor
Christopher Daniel
Christopher Matthew    
Coby Harris
Colin Francis
Collin Joseph
Colton Manuel
Connor James
Corbin Daniel
Corey Jayce
Dakota Michael
David Eli
David Michael
Devin Lee
Dmitri Alexsandr
Drew Edward
Dustin John
Edward James
Elijah Cain
Elijah Dwayne
Elijah Hayden-Lee
Eric Gabriel
Eric Simmermon
Ethan Michael
Ethan Robert
Ethan Sean
Evan Braxton
Evan Joseph
Evan Jude
Gabriel Humberto
Gage Christopher
Gage Edward
Garrett Tanner
Grant Alexander
Gregory Alexander
Harley Zac
Harris Tyler
Harrison James
Hayden Chance
Hayden Drake
Hayden Wayne
Haze Tavish
Hunter Lee
Ian Gabriel
Issac Boyd
Isaac George
Jack Hunter
Jacob Aris
Jacob Harley
Jacob Lee
Jacob Matthew
Jacob Stephen
Jakob Daniel
James Robert
Jamie Christian
Jamie Edward
Jason Christian
Jayce Michael
Jerry Scott
Jesus Fidencio
Jonathon William
Jon Leslie
Jordan Lorenzo
Jordan Matthew
Jordan Michael
Joshua Aaron
Joshua David John
Justin Edward
Kai Alan
Kenyan Lasahann
Khobie Jayde
Kevin Brooks
Kyle Aleksander
Kyle David
León Alfonso
Liam David
Logan Anthony
Mark Emmanuel
Mason Kevin
Matthew Dillon
Matthew Kenneth
Matthew Ryan
Matthew William
Michael Glenn
Michael James
Nathan Paul
Nathaniel James
Nicholas Andrew
Nicholas Enrique
Nicolas Robert
Noah John
Quinton Rodney
Parker Bryan
Richard Mark
Riley Wayne
Ryan Michael
Samuel Brodie
Samuel Jeremiah
Samuel Sidney
Schyler Levi George
Sean Patrick
Seth Howard
Shane Martin
Shaye Alexander
Simon Mayher
Spencer Cameron
Stephan Thomas
Stephen Robert
Stephen Vincent
Thomas Gerald
Trent Timothy
Waylon Jek
Zachary Edward
Zachary Tyler
Zackary Gerard
Zackary Parker
Zane Lewis
Zayne Edward


Boy / Girl:
Melissa and Alison

Abigail Rose and
     Hannah May

McKayla Blayne and
     McKenna Jayden

Charlotte Mary and
     Lindsay Barbara

Connor James and
     Devin Lee

Jordan Lorenzo and
     Aaron Miguel

Austin Brendan and
     Andrew Bradley

Colin Francis and
     Nathan Paul

Austin Paul and
     Dakota Michael

Stephen Vincent and
     Alexis Priscilla

Kai Alan and
     Abi Marie

Jon Leslie and
     Gloria Raye

Mark Emmanuel and
     Elizabeth Jane

Justin Edward and
     Kaitlyn Alyssa

Mason Kevin and
     Morgan Elizabeth

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