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Bedrest and High Risk Pregnancy Bookshelf

Welcome to StorkNet's Bedrest and High Risk Pregnancy Bookshelf. According to Laurie Rich, author of When Pregnancy Isn't Perfect, each year almost 25% of expectant patients will have one or more complications of pregnancy not including c-sections. If you find yourself a part of these statistics, take a deep breath, try to relax, and then learn everything you can about your situation. Here's a selection of excellent bedrest and high risk pregnancy books. Also, visit StorkNet's Pregnancy Complications Cubby and Bedrest Survival Guide for additional articles and support. Warm hugs to you!

The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book: A Survival Guide for Expectant Mothers and Their Families
by Amy E. Tracy; paperback, 229 pages, published by Berkley Pub Group, October 2001

Synopsis: Amy E. Tracy shares her experiences -- and those of many others -- to help you and your family not only survive but thrive during your days in waiting. With information on everything from informing your employer and making arrangements with your health insurance to proper nutrition and calisthenics, this comprehensive guide also covers such topics as: understanding your doctor's orders, adjusting to horizontal living, coping with short-term and extended hospitalization, limiting the side effects of immobility, making bed rest a family affair, coming to terms with your feelings, getting back on your feet, and more, including complete resources.

Visit StorkNet's complete review of the book as well as our interview with the author. Please note, according to the author, this book will soon be out of print. However, it's still a current and very wonderful book and worth getting used if you can't find a new copy!

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

Days in Waiting: A Guide to Surviving Pregnancy Bedrest
by Mary Ann McCann; Mass Market Paperback - 144 pages, 3rd edition, published September 2006 by deruyter-Nelson Publications

Synopsis: This is a comprehensive book that would address the many needs that bedresting women face. While there are no "quick fixes" for bedrest, there are some realistic and practical ideas that can help women and their families. This book is intended to help all bedresting women, their spouses, children, and families and friends and addresses: designing the proper bedrest space, understanding your limitations, ideas for occupying your time while in bed, surviving bedrest while at home and hospital bedrest, helping friends and family members understand bedrest, helping children understand bedrest, including ideas for entertaining your children and much more.

Read our review of this book at the StorkNet Bookshelf.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

Miscarriage: Why it Happens and How Best to Reduce Your Risks--A Doctor's Guide to the Facts
by Henry Lerner, MD; paperback - 272 pages, published March 2003 by Perseus Books

Synopsis: This compassionate and authoritative guide fills the information void. From the causes of miscarriage -- chromosomal, illness-related, immunologic -- to the diagnostic tests and surgical procedures now available to help prevent you from miscarrying again, Dr. Henry Lerner has compiled the most current medical information on why miscarriages do and don't happen, and explains the best methods for recovering and preparing to conceive again. He also includes reassuring and practical advice from an expert in women's reproductive psychology on coping with the disappointment and depression that often accompany the loss of your pregnancy, and the anxiety that may come with your next positive pregnancy test.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

Mommy Has To Stay In Bed
by Annette Rivlin-Gutman; paperback - 24 pages, for ages 4-8, published October 2006 by BookSurge Publishing

Synopsis: Mommy Has to Stay in Bed is for young children who are faced with the trauma of having a parent on bed rest. In this rhythmic and sensitive story, mother and daughter find ways to cope with feelings of frustration and boredom. Whether the parent is pregnant, has the flu, or is on long-term bed rest, Mommy Has to Stay in Bed brings the brighter side of spending time together in spite of a challenging situation.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

What to Do When Your Baby is Premature:: A Parent's Handbook for Coping with High-Risk Pregnancy and Caring for the Preterm Infant
by Joseph A. Garcia-Prats, M.D. and Sharon Simmons Hornfischer, R.N., B.S.N., Paperback - 384 pages, published November 2000, by Times Books

Synopsis:You'll find all the answers you need in this comprehensive guide for parents, the first book to fully discuss both coping with high-risk pregnancy and caring for your premature baby. Topics include: Managing the High-Risk Pregnancy: Stalling preterm labor, coping with bed rest, medications to help the baby The First Twenty-four Hours after Delivery: What to expect right after the baby's born, coping with insurance, and more.
Read our book review by JenT

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon UK