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Pre- and Postnatal Fitness Books and DVDs

Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year: A Guide to Health and Comfort Before and After Your Baby Is Born
by Elizabeth Noble; Paperback - 277 pages, 4th edition, published by New Life Images

Synopsis: A virtual "bible" for pregnant and postpartum women and their health care providers, this book provides well-illustrated explanations of the key muscles involved in each phase of the childbearing year. Sound and safe advice is given on back pain, foot pain, incontinence, high-risk pregnancies and recovery from Cesarean birth.

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Birgitta Gallo's Expecting Fitness
by Birgitta Gallo; Paperback, 304 pages, published October 1999 by Renaissance Books

Synopsis: Expecting Fitness is not only a comprehensive pregnancy fitness and nutrition guide, it is also the first book to teach women how to modify any sport or physical activity for all stages of pregnancy, to give exercise alternatives for bed rest and high-risk pregnancies, and to offer medical evidence that babies from "fit" pregnancies have a lower body-fat level and are calmer, more independent, and more intelligent.

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Maternal Fitness: Preparing for the Marathon of Labor
by Andrea Thompson and Julie Tupler; Paperback - 160 pages, published by Fireside

Synopsis: A nine-month program, Maternal Fitness focuses on preparing for the stresses of labor by stretching, strengthening, and relaxing the abdominal muscles. Each exercise features a clear illustration, an explanation of the purpose of the exercise, and instructions on adapting the exercise to one's fitness level.

To Purchase: | (Canada)

Pregnancy Fitness: Mind, Body, Spirit
by Fitness Magazine; Paperback - 208 pages, published September 1999 by Three Rivers Press

Synopsis: Whether you're a hard-core triathlete or just starting a fitness program for the first time, proper exercise can ensure a healthier pregnancy, an easier delivery, and a faster recovery. Pregnancy Fitness guides you carefully through every trimester, covering the physical changes and common complaints for each one, from shortness of breath to dizziness to morning sickness. In each section, chapters on Cardiovascular Fitness and Getting Stronger help you develop the aerobic capacity and muscles to carry your growing child with greater comfort and prepare you for labor. Illustrated exercises show you how to enhance flexibility, build strength, and relieve pain as your pregnancy progresses.

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Workouts on DVD and/or VHS:

Tracey Mallett's 3 in 1 Pregnancy System
by Tracey Mallett; DVD format, produced July 2005 by ATP Fitness Productions

Synopsis: Perfect for any woman expecting to be expecting, this system will prepare your body for what's coming, get you through your nine months in optimal physical condition, and then return your figure and vitality in no time at all. The carefully paced routine merges three routines into one with soothing yoga to calm, pilates to maintain flexibility and improve posture while weight training exercises will sculpt.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon UK

Sara Holliday's Prenatal Yoga: First Trimester DVD
by Sara Holliday; DVD format, produced January 2006 by FitbySara

Synopsis: This 45 minute yoga workout is specifically designed for women in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The instructor, Sara Holliday, is also in her first trimester and works through the postures and poses along with the viewer. Sara provides a great deal of instruction so even someone new to yoga can do this workout. She includes modification instructions throughout the workout as well as a separate chapter with modifications.

Read StorkNet's complete review.

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Sara Holliday's Prenatal Yoga: Second Trimester DVD
by Sara Holliday; DVD format, produced March 2006 by FitbySara

Synopsis: Sara Holliday has created the perfect yoga routine that will not only help moms-to-be keep their energy levels up at this time but also prepare their bodies for the hard work of labor - all done in an invigorating yet gentle and relaxing way. Sara, herself, is in her second trimester with her second baby. She knows from experience with her first pregnancy and delivery how beneficial yoga is for moms-to-be. As she does this 34 minute workout with you, Sara explains how the moves and poses can help relieve tension and prepare your body for labor. Done regularly, you will become stronger, and you will relax your body and calm your mind as you flow from one pose to the next.

Read StorkNet's complete review.

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Sara Holliday's Prenatal Yoga: Third Trimester DVD
by Sara Holliday; DVD format, produced July 2006 by FitbySara

Synopsis: In this 37 minute yoga workout, you'll move through a series of yoga poses, many from a comfortable seated position, designed for women in their third trimester of pregnancy just like Sara Holliday, your workout instructor. Sara looks amazing and serene-two qualities that are especially motivating. You will feel gently worked out, lithe (yes, you CAN feel that way while pregnant) and relaxed. And there's no doubt that this workout will make you feel close to your baby.

Read StorkNet's complete review.

To Purchase:

Sara Holliday's Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout
by Sara Holliday; DVD format, produced December 2006 by FitbySara

Synopsis: This workout is perfect for the postpartum mom who has been given medical approval to resume exercise following childbirth. During a period when finding exercise time may be difficult and mental clarity may not be terribly focused, this workout can help new moms resume exercise safely. The moves are simple so that coordination and quick thinking aren't required. However, don't be fooled! This is a powerful workout regardless of how easy the moves are. Your glutes will be barking the next day!

Read StorkNet's complete review.

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Sara Holliday's Stroller Workout for Moms
by Sara Holliday; DVD format, produced October 2005 by FitbySara

Synopsis: Billed as "a fun and challenging workout to tone your entire body," I have no doubt, that done on a regular basis, you'll rediscover your pre-pregnancy body with Sara Holliday's Stroller Workout for Moms. The entire workout runs about 61 minutes which includes 42 minutes of cardio intervals and toning intervals (walking lunges, triceps dips, pushups, kickboxing, and squats) plus 7 minutes of floor leg work for both the inner and outer thigh, 4 minutes of ab work, and an 8 minute yoga stretch. The DVD workout comes with an audio CD so once the moves are familiar, you can easily take the workout on the road with your baby in tow. In the case of inclement weather or if you prefer exercising inside, Sara provides modifications for doing the workout indoors.

Read StorkNet's complete review.

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