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Baby Names Bookshelf

Welcome to StorkNet's Baby Names Bookshelf. There are so many books available on this subject that we know it can be hard to select the best. Let us help! We've chosen the best books based on visitor input and our own reviews so you don't have to weed through them all. Enjoy! Don't forget to visit StorkNet's Baby Names Cubby to check out our baby names database!

100,000 + Baby Names
by Bruce Lansky; paperback - 704 pages, published February 2006 by Meadowbrook Press

Synopsis: This complete baby naming resource includes more names and more helpful features than any other book on the market including over 100,000 baby names and their meanings, derivations and famous namesakes; 5,000 Hispanic names; icons to identify names used for both genders, and to indicate whether they're used evenly, more for boys, or more for girls; updated lists ranking the 100 most popular names for boys and girls in 2004; top-hundred ranked names are starred in the main text of the book; 300 helpful lists of names to consider, including famous authors, actors, athletes, artists, scientists as well as lists of names that convey an image: attractive, smart, competent, friendly, wimpy, etc.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

25,000+ Baby Names
by Bruce Lansky; paperback - 352 pages, published July 2005 by Meadowbrook Press

Synopsis: At $4.95, 25,000+ Baby Names is a great value, complete with the origins, meanings and famous namesakes of over 25,000 contemporary boys' and girls' names. It also includes an updated list of the 200 most popular names from 2004, guidelines for naming your baby, popular names from around the world and a helpful cross-referencing system to lead you to related or similar names.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

50,001 Best Baby Names
by Diane Stafford; paperback - 550 pages, published January 2005 by Sourcebooks

Synopsis: In 50,001 Best Baby Names, Diane Stafford acknowledges the importance of this complex task and provides parents with the most up-to-date information to consider before branding their baby for life. Stafford presents the most comprehensive number of names available, along with several lists including "Names celebrities give their babies, " "Names that give you a leg up in life" such as Barrett, Kyle, Ashley and Emma, "Names for children who are beautiful," and "Exotic names" such as Kia, Sasha, Giancarlo and Destin.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

The Baby Name Wizard: A Magical Method for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby
by Laura Wattenberg; paperback - 368 pages, published February 2005 by Broadway Books

Synopsis: The Baby Name Wizard is not only an excellent research book, but also a "good read." You'll enjoy browsing through and learning little tidbits about each name, it's popularity, style, variants, suggested sister and brother names, and then a short commentary on the name's image, usage and cultural associations. The Baby Name Wizard will engage you from the first name you look up and keep you enchanted through your journey to the just-right name for your baby.
Read StorkNet's full review of The Baby Name Wizard.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

The Everything Baby Names Book: Pick the Perfect Name for Your Baby
by June Rifkin; paperback - 307 pages, 2nd edition, published April 2006 by Adams Media Corporation

Synopsis: If you're looking for the baby name book that has it all--classic and contemporary suggestions without the insanely silly options you wouldn't even use to name your pet-this second edition of The Everything Baby Names Book is your singular resource for naming your little bundle of joy! Loaded with the 25,000 best options for boys and girls, you can easily narrow down your favorites from A to Z.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK