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Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Infant/Child Nutrition:

The Healthy Baby Meal Planner: Mom-Tested Child-Approved Recipes for Your Baby and Toddler
by Annabel Karmel; Paperback, 192 pages, published by Fireside, June 21, 2005

Synopsis: This is the way to start babies off to a lifetime of healthy and happy eating. Focusing on what foods are appropriate for each stage of a child's development from infancy to age two, Karmel discusses the best first foods, how and when to introduce fruits, vegetables and other solid foods, tempting dishes for children who are sick, and more. 4-color drawings throughout.

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Mommy Made and Daddy Too: Home Cooking for a Healthy Baby and Toddler
by Martha Kimmel; Paperback - 320 pages, Revised edition, published June 6, 2000 by Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing

Synopsis: The ultimate parents' guide to baby and child nutrition, featuring delicious, optimally healthy baby and toddler foods, from the family who founded the Mommy Made line of premium baby food. Also tackles problem areas like food allergies and difficult eaters.

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During Breastfeeding:

Eat Well, Lose Weight While Breastfeeding: Complete Nutrition Book for Nursing Mothers, Including a Healthy Guide to Weight Loss Your Doctor Promised
by Eileen Behan RD
Paperback, Published 1992 by Villard Books

Synopsis: The author shows the nursing mom how to shed pounds and work on getting her figure back while keeping her child properly nourished and happy, with the revolutionary program she devised for herself in order to lose 52 pounds while nursing.

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During Pregnancy:

Eating Expectantly: A Practical and Tasty Approach to Prenatal Nutrition
by Bridget Swinney, MS, RD; Paperback, published July 2000 by Meadowbrook Press

Synopsis: Rated one of the "10 best parenting books" by Child magazine, this comprehensive guide for expectant mothers reviews almost every aspect of nutrition from pre-pregnancy planning to the postnatal period. It combines information on proper nutrition with 85 practical recipes and 200 complete menus. It gives specific information for each trimester.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy: The Complete Guide to Eating Before, During, and After Your Pregnancy
by Elizabeth Somer; 2nd edition - September 2002, paperback, 400 pages
Synopsis: Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy is a reliable reference for women who want more than just a how to eat guide. This edition features new menus and recipes as well as the latest findings on how a mother's nutrition during pregnancy determines her child's risk for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases later in life. You'll find clear explanations of what foods to avoid and why, the role of vitamins and minerals and how to choose the right supplements, how what you eat affects your labor and delivery, dietary guidelines for pregnant women over 35 as well as for pregnant teens, how diet helps prevent common problems from morning sickness and food cravings to heartburn and muscle cramps, and which foods and nutrients speed your recovery after the baby is born.

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Program Your Baby's Health: The Pregnancy Diet for Your Child's Lifelong Well-being
by Barbara Luke, ScD., M.P.H., R.D. and Tamara Eberlein; Paperback - 336 pages, published February 27, 2001 by Ballantine Books

Synopsis: Cutting edge research in a new field known as "metabolic programming" reveals a startling new fact: what a mother eats during pregnancy has a far greater effect on her child's future development, overall health, and resistance to disease than was previously thought. In fact, adult chronic illnesses long blamed on an unhealthy lifestyle or genetic influences are now believed to be a direct result of the uterine environment during pregnancy. Now, thanks to this pioneering new book, you can "program" your baby's future health by eating right, gaining the appropriate amount of weight, and avoiding toxins--starting even before conceiving. Dr. Barbara Luke, a nationally recognized expert in the field of public-health nutrition, provides a complete, practical nutrition and lifestyle program that covers your entire pregnancy, month by month--and the first two years of your baby's life.

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