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Stay At Home Moms & Frugal Living

Welcome to StorkNet's Stay-At-Home Moms Bookshelf. Because finances are an issue for the majority of one-income families, we've included some wonderful frugal living books along with our stay-at-home parents books. Don't forget to visit StorkNet's Stay-at-Home Moms Cubby for articles and support and visit our Freebies and Frugal Living Cubby for even more help. Enjoy!

14 Hours 'Til Bedtime: A Stay-At-Home Mom's Life In 27 Funny Little Stories
by Jen Singer; paperback - 186 pages, 2nd edition, published June 2005 by Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing

Synopsis: A breath of fresh air in the parenting world, 14 Hours 'Til Bedtime illuminates the pressure cooker lives of America's young mothers. With comedic focus on the joys and the blunders of raising a family, Jen Singer explores what it really takes to be a stay-at-home mom: Patience.stamina.and a genuine appreciation for greeting cards made out of Froot Loops. This book is for any mother who has managed to do the Hokey-Pokey with a toddler while nursing the baby at the same time. Author Jen Singer is the sure-and-steady voice for every on-the-go mom who dreams of stringing together ten minutes so she can shave both legs on the same day.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon UK

Baby Bargains: Secrets to Saving 20 Percent to 50 Percent on Baby Furniture, Equipment, Clothes, Toys, Maternity Wear and Much, Much More
by Denise Fields; Paperback - 608 pages, 7th edition, published April 2007 by Windsor Peak Press

Synopsis: Baby Bargains explains which products new parents need to buy, which are a waste of money, and how to get the best deals. For no-nonsense evaluations of brand-name strollers, high chairs, monitors, diapers, toys, and more, Baby Bargains is an unbeatable guide.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon UK

Finding Your Way Home: How To Become A Successful Stay-At-Home Parent
by Lucynda Koesters; paperback - 335 pages, published February 2005 by AuthorHouse

Synopsis: Finding Your Way Home offers comprehensive step-by-step strategies to help you plan and implement an exit from the workforce, and create a sustainable life at home with your family. In this book, you will learn a variety of things such as why a stay-at-home parent is so beneficial to children of all ages; how having a parent at home can improve your health, marriage, family life, and yes, even your budget; analyze your options for working full-time, part-time, home-based business, free-lance, or stay-at-home parenting full-time; how to cut household expenses and create a new one-income household budget; maintain your self-esteem and overcome resistance once at home and much more.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon UK

The MomsTown Guide to Getting it All: A Life Makeover for Stay-at-Home Moms
by Mary Goulet and Heather Reider; paperback - 288 pages, published August 2005 by Hyperion

Synopsis: The hosts of the hit internet radio show MomsTown offer insights, resources, and motivation to help stay-at-home moms set and achieve their personal goals for a more satisfying life ore and more women are taking a break from their careers to devote time to being a mom. The MomsTown philosophy reminds moms that they can make their dreams come true without sacrificing family life in just ten weeks.
Read StorkNet's review of this book.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon UK

The Stay-At-Home Mom's Guide to Making Money: Choosing the Business That's Right for You Using the Skills and Interests You Already Have
by Liz Folger; Paperback - 283 pages, 2nd edition, published May 15, 2000 by Prima Publishing

Synopsis: Women can launch successful home-based businesses and still be successful moms . . . and this book shows you how. Liz Folger, a stay-at-home mom who has a nationally syndicated column and an e-newsletter, describes step by step how to start making money from home. Included in this revised edition are personal tips and advice from real moms who have successful home-based businesses. This is the perfect resource for moms who want to stay home with their kids--and earn money in the process.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon UK

Staying Home: From Full-Time Professional to Full-Time Parent
by Darcie Sanders and Martha M. Bullen; Paperback Rep edition, published 1999 by Spencer & Waters

Synopsis: This practical guide helps women through the emotional transition from working-world career to stay-at-home parent. Seasoned with plenty of practical advice, this reassuring guide explores every facet of the transition, from making the decision to feeling comfortable at home.

Visit StorkNet's interview with the authors.
Visit StorkNet's complete review of this book.

To Purchase: | Amazon UK

Miserly Moms
by Jonni McCoy; paperback, Paperback - 256 pages, 3rd edition, published October 2001 by Bethany House

Synopsis: This book offers much-needed encouragement to families who are tired of hearing society's endless whine about the impossibility of mothers staying at home to raise their own children. The fact is, it can be done, according to McCoy. Her "Eleven Miserly Guidelines" are completely practical, and at the top of the list is the most important: "Don't confuse frugality with depriving yourself."

Read our review here on our StorkNet Bookshelf.

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