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Working Parents Bookshelf

Welcome to StorkNet's Working Moms Bookshelf. Here are a variety of excellent books for the working mom. Also, visit StorkNet's Working Mothers Cubby for articles and support for the working mom.

The Milk Memos: How Real Moms Learned to Mix Business with Babies-and How You Can, Too
by Cate Colburn-Smith and Andrea Serrette; paperback - 384 pages, published March 2007 by Tarcher

Synopsis: This one-of-a-kind guide to balancing motherhood and work is based on actual journals kept by a group of IBM women during their visits to the company's employee lactation room. It all began when IBM manager Cate Colburn-Smith sat down in the company's employee lactation room, shed a few silent tears, and wrote the following on a paper towel: I'm a new mom and today is my first day back at work. Is anyone else using this room? Right away women responded, and the paper towel was eventually replaced by a series of notebooks, in which women offered one another advice and support on juggling work and a newborn. Based on the original notebooks, The Milk Memos is a heartwarming, encouraging (and often hilarious!) guide to working motherhood.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

How She Really Does It: Secrets of Success from Stay-at-work Moms
by Wendy Sachs; paperback - 205 pages, published April 2006 by Perseus Books Group

Synopsis: Wendy Sachs, journalist and mother of two, set out to find what's really happening at the intersection of motherhood and work today. Based on her in-depth interviews with mothers from diverse backgrounds, How She Really Does It explores the creative and courageous ways in which stay-at-work moms are making it happen. Here are the moms next door-as well as lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, journalists, and television personalities-who are navigating the everyday work/home conflicts, and, yes, dealing with the guilt. Through it all, they are empowered career women and caring, present mothers. A modern working woman's survival guide, How She Really Does It will give you hope that even if you can't have it all, you can have at least some of it all of the time.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

The Working Gal's Guide to Babyville: Your Must-Have Manual for Life with Baby
by Paige Hobey; paperback - 448 pages, published May 2006 by Da Capo Lifelong Books

Synopsis: The Working Gal's Guide to Babyville combines stories and sisterly advice from the trenches, infant care information and tips from a pediatrician, and career and budget guidance from a pro. From getting baby to sleep through the night to making the most of maternity leave, from weighing work options to finding childcare, from networking with new parents to emotionally transitioning from "Ms. Independent to Mom," it offers desperately needed, easy-to-execute strategies and expert solutions on all manner of Year One issues. The essential guidebook for today's busy career moms, it's every bit as hip, smart, and savvy as the women who'll be reading it.

To Purchase: | (Canada) | Amazon.UK

The Best Friend's Guide to Maternity Leave: Making the Most of Your Precious Time at Home
by Betty Holcomb; paperback - 256 pages, published October 2002 by Da Capo

Synopsis: With The Best Friend's Guide to Maternity Leave, author Betty Holcomb tells mothers the wonderful, funny, and sometimes uncomfortable truth about maternity leave. Holcomb, a veteran of two maternity leaves and a contributing editor to Parenting Magazine, takes a practical, non- gimmicky approach to trading career time for precious time with a newborn baby. Reading between the lines of the family medical leave act, she offers sensible strategies for every phase of maternity leave, including how to convince your boss that you really plan on coming back, juggling finances, recovering from childbirth, comparing breast versus bottle feeding, staying in touch with the office, understanding why your husband may disappear, and coping with your first weeks back on the job.

Read StorkNet's complete review of this book.

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