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Acronyms often used on StorkNet's Message Boards

AAP - American Academy of Pediatrics

ADN - any day now

AF - Aunt Flow (your period)

AFAIC - as far as I'm concerned

AFAIK - as far as I know

AFC - away from computer

AFK - away from keyboard

ANFSCD - and now for something completely different

AP - attachment parenting

ASAP - as soon as possible

ATM - at the moment

BBFN - bye bye for now

BBL - be back later

BBS - be back soon

BBS - bulletin board system

BBT - basal body temperature

BCNU - be seeing you

BCPs - birth control pills

BD - baby dancing (sex)

BF - breastfeed, breastfed, breastfeeding

BG - big grin

BOB - baby obsessed brain

BOF - bottle feeding, bottle fed, bottle feed

BRB - be right back

BRT - be right there

BTW - by the way

BYAM - between you and me

CD - cycle day

CF - cervical fluid

CIO - cry it out

CP- cervical position

CU - see you

CUL - see you later

CUL8ER - see you later

DH, DW, DP, DS, DD, DSD, DSS, DMIL, DF, etc - dear husband, dear wife, dear partner, dear son, dear daughter, dear stepdaughter, dear stepson, dear mother-in-law, dear fiance, and every one you can think of...

DL - download

DMI - don't mention it

DPO - days past ovulation

DPT - days post transfer

DUCT - did you see that?

Dx - diagnosis

EBM - expressed breastmilk

EN - extended nursing

ER - egg retrieval

ET - embryo transfer

EWCM - egg white cervical mucous

FAQ - frequently asked questions

FOAF - friend of a friend

FSH - follicle stimulating hormone

FTASB - faster than a speeding bullet

FTTT - from time to time

FTF or F2F - face to face

FWIW - for whatever it's worth

FYI - for your information

GA - go ahead

GBH - great big hug

GD&R - grinning, ducking and running

GGN - gotta go now

GL - good luck

GMTA - great minds think alike

HIH - hope it helps

HIIK - heck if I know

HPT - home pregnancy test

HTH - hope this helps

IAC - in any case

IAE - in any event

IAT - I am tired

IC - I see

ICBW - I could be wrong

IDK - I don't know

IGTP - I get the point

IHNO - I have no opinion

IKA - I kinda agree

IM - instant message

IMO, IMHO - in my opinion, in my humble opinion

INPO - in no particular order

IOW - in other words

IRL - in real life

ITA - I totally agree

ITTA - I tend to agree

IUI - intrauterine insemination

IVF - in-vitro fertilization

IYKWIM - If you know what I mean

JIC - just in case

J/K, JK - just kidding

KWIM - know what I mean

LP - luteal phase

LH - luteinizing hormone

LOL - laughing out loud

MIL, FIL, BIL, SIL - mother, father, brother, sister-in-law

M/C - (m/c) - miscarriage

MOTOS - member of the opposite sex

MOTSS - member of the same sex

MP - menstrual period

MS or m/s - morning sickness

MSG - message

MTFBWY - may the force be with you

MW - midwife

NAK - nursing at keyboard

N/A - not appropriate, not acceptable

NM - nevermind

NP - no problem

NT - no text

NRN - no reply necessary

NTK - nice to know

O - ovulation

oht - one handed typing (see toh)

OIC - oh I see

OMG - oh my gosh

ONNA - oh no, not again

OPK, OPT - ovulation predictor test/kit

OT - off topic

OTOH - on the other hand

PCOS - polycystic ovarian syndrome

PDA - public display of affection

PG - pregnant

PITA - pain in the ___

PIO - progesterone in oil

PLS - please

PM - private message

PMFBI - pardon me for butting in

PMFJI - pardon me for jumping in

POV - point of view

PPL - people

QL - quit laughing

QT - cutie

RBAY - right back at ya

RE - reproductive endocrinologist

RFC - request for comments

ROFL - rolling on floor laughing

RX - regards, (regs)

SAHM - stay at home mom

SCNR - sorry, couldn't resist

SFETE - smiling from ear to ear

SO - significant other

SOH - sense of humor

SN - StorkNet

SO - significant other

TCOYF -Taking Care of Your Fertility

TFDS - that's for darn sure

THX - thanks

TIA - thanks in advance

TIC - tongue in cheek

TMI - Too much information

TNC - tongue in cheek

TNX - thanks

toh - typing one hand (explains lack of capitalization and spelling)

TTBOMK - to the best of my knowledge

TTC - trying to conceive

TTFN - ta ta for now

TTYL - talk (or type) to you later

TTYS - talk to you soon

TVM - thanks very much

TWIMC - to whom it may concern

TY - thank you

TYVM - thank you very much

U/S - ultrasound

VBG, VBS, VEG, VSF - very big grin, very big smile, very evil grin, very sad face

W/ - with

W/B - write back, welcome back

W/O - without

WAD - without a doubt

WAHM - work at home mom

WBS - write back soon

WEG - wicked evil grin

WFM - works for me

WOHM - working outside the home mom

WTEWYE - What to Expect When You're Expecting

WTG - way to go!

WTH - what the heck

WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get

WYWH - wish you were here

XM - excuse me

XO - hugs and kisses

YMMV - your mileage may vary


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