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StorkNet's Bookshelf
40,001 Best Baby Names
by Diane Stafford

Every parent knows the significance of choosing the "right" name for their new baby. Names are glorified and mocked, loathed and loved. A name gives a child an identity and sets them apart from the twenty other kids in kindergarten and labels them the first day on the new job. A name can affect the ebb and flow of one's entire existence! In 40,001 Best Baby Names, Diane Stafford acknowledges the importance of this complex task and provides parents with the most up-to-date information to consider before branding their baby for life.

40,001 Best Baby Names is the one-stop baby-naming bible. Stafford present the most comprehensive number of names available, along with 75 lists including "Names celebrities give their babies" like Jett and Ella Bleu (John Travolta and Kelly Preston) or Rumor Glenn (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis), "Names that give you a leg up in life" such as Barrett, Kyle, Ashley and Emma, "Names for children who are beautiful" like Belle, Trista, Jude or Benjamin and "Exotic names" such as Kia, Sasha, Giancarlo and Destin. Stafford also offers essential advice including:

DO: Avoid a name carrying too much baggage like Cher, Michael Jackson, Richard Simmons, Billy Joel or Sting.

DON'T: Be bothered by existing connotations that you associate with a name ("I knew a Margaret in school, and she was the meanest person in the class," "I sat next to a Stone in college and he had a million moles" or "I dated a Morgan, and she was the most boring girl I've ever known."

DO: Think seriously about the repercussions of choosing a name that's over-the-top in uniqueness. You are definitely sticking your neck out by giving your child the name Rusty if your last name is Nail. Sure, he may muster up enough swagger to pull it off, but what if he doesn't?

No science has ever been devised to pinpoint the whys and hows of choosing a name. But 40,001 Best Baby Names makes the selection process fun and easy. "The bottom line," says Stafford, is to "take the name game seriously, but don't be afraid to go with the one that just feels right."

Source: Sourcebooks, Inc.

Definitely Two Thumbs Up from StorkNet!
This book is one of THE best baby name books on the market today.

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