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Children's Books ~ ages four to eight

StorkNet is proud to feature some of our own members' very favorite infant, toddler and children's books, tapes, videos and CDs. If you have a favorite that isn't listed here, let us know.

The Littlest Dinosaur's Big Adventure by Michael Foreman
In this follow-up to The Littlest Dinosaur (Walker, 2008), the tiny triceratops continues his journey of self-acceptance.

Bea Rocks the Flock by Victoria Jamieson
Bea the sheep knows she's "ewe-nique" and when her flock doesn't want to put up with her antics any longer she decides to go her own way. Bea moves to the big city and tries every new job she can think of--including a cloud, a library lion, and more--until she finds the confidence to be herself again and return home...only to inspire her flock to be more unique themselves.

Superhero School by Aaron Reynolds
Leonard is no ordinary kid-he's enrolled in Superhero School, where leaping tall buildings in a single bound is considered child's play. If only division, fractions, and multiplication came as naturally, and weren't so, well, ordinary. But when the kids' math teacher, Mr. Tornado, and the rest of the staff get kidnapped by ice zombies, Leonard and his pals find themselves using every superhero trick in the book-not to mention a few unexpected math skills- to divide (and conquer!) the enemy.

Homework by Arthur Yorinks
When Tony falls asleep without finishing his homework, his unruly school tools come to life to get the job done. Pencil and Pen get the story started, along with Eraser, but when Fountain Pen joins in, all ink breaks loose! A little creativity goes a long way, as Tony's homework turns into a wacky tale about the Planet Splotch.

A Home for Dixie: The True Story of a Rescued Puppy
If you love dogs and/or are contemplating adding a new puppy to your family, you will LOVE A Home for Dixie. Written by 15 year old Emma Jackson, this book is the true story of an abandoned puppy who not only finds a loving home, but a new best friend in Emma.

Say Good Night to Illiteracy, 12th Edition
Each year, Half Price Books publishes its storybook, Say Good Night to Illiteracy, as a reminder to parents that time spent reading to their child will develop lasting reading habits that will help them become more successful, literate adults. In October 2006, the 12th edition was published which is comprised of 20 stories chosen from more than 2000 entries in Half Price Books' Storybook Writing Contest.

The Boy On Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew Up to Become Dr. Seuss by Kathleen Krull
Children around the world have grown up reading and listening to the beloved books of Dr. Seuss. Now those same children will learn how a kid just like them, later became the world famous storyteller in The Boy On Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew Up to Become Dr. Seuss by Kathleen Krull. This fascinating picture book biography focuses on the childhood of Ted Geisel, bringing young readers into his world of passion that would lead to his extraordinary life and career.

Miles of Smiles by Bruce Lansky
Guaranteed to gross you out, mix you up and make you laugh, the poems in Miles of Smiles deal with topics such as messy bedrooms, gaining revenge on bratty brothers and snooping sisters, what really happens at slumber parties, the latest fashions, white lies, junk food and foul-smelling armpits.

The Magic Box: When Parents Can't Be There to Tuck You In by Marty Sederman and Seymour Epstein, PhD
This book is a colorful, illustrated storybook that helps children understand and cope with their feelings during their parent's temporary absence. It's beautiful and comforting - excellent for parents who must travel on business or otherwise be away here and there.

A Walk in the Rain with a Brain is the illustrated version of a special story Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. shares during his lectures on attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. In it, a little girl named Lucy is making her way down a rainy sidewalk when she spies, of all things, a brain -- Manfred, called Fred -- sitting forlornly in a puddle. The courtly cerebrum asks Lucy for help getting home, and as they walk along she worries that she's not smart enough. "Everyone's smart!" explains Fred. "You just need to find out at what!" Fred reassures her that each child learns and thinks differently -- and that every child has special talents. A Walk in the Rain with a Brain is a very reassuring and entertaining book for children between the ages of 4 and 8. Read more here!

The Blue Ribbon Day
Katie Couric, NBC-TV newswoman and New York Times #1 best-selling author, returns with another beautifully illustrated, utterly engaging rhyming tale that teaches children an important lesson about life. Ellie McSnelly and Carrie O'Toole, the winning pair of friends from The Brand New Kid, are back in a new adventure, The Blue Ribbon Day, which explores an aspect of childhood that will resonate with kids and parents alike.
Read more
To Purchase: | Amazon.UK | (Canada)

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs
Harry finds some old dinosaurs in his Grandma's attic. He cleans them up and makes them his own, carefully (and accurately) naming each one. Harry and his dinosaurs go everywhere together. But one day, after an exciting train ride, Harry accidentally leaves the dinosaurs on the train. Silly, charming illustrations accompany this whimsical text of a child being a child. Read full review here.
To Purchase: | Amazon.UK


The Arnold Lobel Book of Mother Goose
This treasury of 306 classic nursery rhymes was the crowning achievement of Caldecott Medal winner Arnold Lobel's distinguished career. First published in 1986 as The Random House Book of Mother Goose and unanimously acclaimed by critics, this unabridged edition is as fresh and inviting as ever. Truly a book that deserves to make new generations of friends in the twenty-first century, here is a cornucopia of timeless favorites, each illustrated with great style, humor, and beauty. No other Mother Goose offers so many rhymes and such high-quality entertainment for babies and toddlers! An American Library Association Notable Children's Book
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

Sleeping Bunny
An imaginative and witty twist to an old favorite, Sleeping Bunny is an adorable book filled with beautiful illustrations and tongue-in-cheek quips that will entertain both adult and child. A perfect bedtime story! [Read full review here]
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

Ballerina Bear
Bernice loves the ballet more than anything in the whole world. There's just one problem! Poor Bernice isn't very graceful... But something magical happens when Bernice dances with Bertram. Betram, a wonderful dancer is simply boring by himself. Put the two of them together and you have a delightful tale of determination! Written by Shana Corey, Illustrated by Pamela Paparone.
Read Caryl and Charon's review!
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

Silly & Sillier
This big, beautiful lap book offers favorite read-aloud tales that are perfect for getting preschoolers off to bed. Renowned storyteller Judy Sierra has selected tales that are especially satisfying to the very young--short, funny, universal tales in which the smallest creature triumphs, good is rewarded, and justice prevails. And Valeri Gorbachev has provided inviting, lively illustrations on every page. With tales representing cultures from twenty countries and six continents--ranging from places as far away as Iran and Italy, Australia and Argentina--here is a delightful way to introduce the youngest to other lands and people. Silly & Sillier makes a wonderful gift for children ages 4 to 8.
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

Arthur's Really Helpful Bedtime Stories
Arthur, D.W., and their friends bring a touch of their own personalities and senses of humor to this sprightly collection of classic bedtime stories. "Could you please be more careful--you're drooling on my cape," says D.W. to the wolf in "Little Red Riding Hood." "Lucky I'm not afraid of heights," proclaims Francine as she climbs to the top of the mattresses in "The Princess and the Pea." Master weaver Arthur has the last laugh in "The Emperor's New Clothes." Each short, fun-to-read story has just the right mixture of the familiar tales with the contemporary spin of Arthur and his friends. "The Frog Prince," "The Three Bears," "The Three Little Pigs," and others round out this big, heavily illustrated hardcover bonanza for parents. Yes, it's really helpful in getting the kids settled down and ready for bed!
To Purchase: | Canada)

Junie B., First Grader; Toothless Wonder
This latest adventure in the hardcover series finds Junie B. in a situation everyone can relate to--losing a tooth! Junie B. can't believe that her tooth is loose! And, she is going to be the first in her class to lose a top tooth. Junie B. is thrilled until her friend tells her about his toothless Uncle Lou. Now, Junie B. is worried. Will she end up looking like toothless Lou? And let's not forget about the tooth fairy! Just thinking about her gives Junie B. the shivers. "Cause Junie knows the REAL story about the tooth fairy... Random House Books for Young Readers; ages 4 to 8 and older. Author Barbara Park, illustrated by Denise Brunkus
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK


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