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StorkNet's Bookshelf
The Amazing Dad: More than 400 Ways to Wow Your Kids
by Giovanni Livera and Ken Preuss

OK, so Mom is the Supreme Queen of cooking, bathing, boo-boo kissing, birthday cakes and arts and crafts. What can poor Dad do to compete? The Amazing Dad by Giovanni Livera and Ken Preuss may have some of the answers.

The Amazing Dad is a fun, humorous and hands on guide to great stuff Dads can do with and for their little ones. Everything from magic tricks, to games, stories and dancing fun are included in this clear and simple guide to fun for father and child. The instructions are easy to read and the illustrations are delightful. Now Dad can amaze and astound, safely and with very little preparation and no power tools! (Sorry guys!)

Imagine the wonder on that little face as a favorite teddy bear suddenly disappears into thin air. Or the giggles and wiggles that will abound during a "Tricky Tickle Fight" (pg. 126).

There are entertaining and imaginative ideas for toddlers up to teens and they are all easy to prepare, perform and clean up. This is a great book for Dads who are looking for fun and safe activities to do with their kids. It would make a wonderful Father's Day gift.

Here are a few examples of ways to be an Amazing Dad, taken from the book.

1. Convert yourself into an antigravity machine
Hold your child securely by the waist so she can bounce like an astronaut. Support her as she walks up the walls and across the ceiling. DUH (Dad's Useful Hints): If your child's socks are clean when she begins her journey, your walls will be clean when she's through.

2. Play the grass flute
Find a tall, thick blade of grass. Bring the palms of your hands together (as if praying that this trick will work) holding the blade of grass between the thumb knuckles and the balls of the hand. Blow a gentle, steady stream of air through the opening created by the two thumbs and a whistle will emerge.

3. Wrapper from the ear
Secretly flatten a straw wrapper so it is long and thin. Zigzag fold it like an accordion, then close it into a little square. Pretend to scratch an itch, wedge one end into the opening of your ear, then get your kid's attention. Pull the loose end outward in a quick motion, and give a gasp or grunt as the long wrapper emerges.
Note: If your ear is too big to wedge the wrapper in tightly, pull it from your nose. If your nose is too big, your facial features are entertaining enough without the straws.

4. Cheese Substitutes
Look through a lens, ask a kid to say "cheese," and what do you get? The movement of mouth muscles to synthetically simulate a grin. Not exactly a Kodak moment. If you've noticed "cheese" becoming a bit stale, surprise your kid with the unexpected and get a genuine smile.
What to say instead of "cheese:"
Rhyming words: Peas! Knees! Fleas!
Crazy combos: Liver Jell-O! Fuzzy pickle! Eeny weeny jelly beanie!
Nutty names: Kirby Shankerbean! Tinky Winky! Soupy Sales!
Wacky words: Onomatopoeia! Wookyhoo! Nerkle!

Visit the Amazing Dad Website!

To Purchase:
   • The Amazing Dad at Amazon U.S.
   • The Amazing Dad at Amazon UK
   • The Amazing Dad at Amazon Canada)


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