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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Wait and See, Annie Lee
by Michelle Curry Wright

"She should have walked out of the doctor's office and strolled down Main Street counting her blessings. She was a healthy specimen (according to her doctor) living in paradise (according to the latest glossy advertisements). She should have gone home to her front porch and taken a deep breath of summer air full of lavender. She should have listened to the buzzing of bugs, the occasional cheep of birds, and the high-pitched trills of crickets and then put on her hiking shoes, and set out to experience the glory of being alive.

"But as she walked home that day, some perverse little voice inside of her said, 'I never even had an arrow before, let alone a target. And dammit I want a bull's-eye or I'm going to throw a tantrum.' ...The next day she purchased $47 worth of ovulation kits at the pharmacy."

An exuberant new voice in fiction has arrived. In Annie Lee, Michelle Curry Wright has created an unforgettable young woman who wants a baby so badly that her overly fertile imagination makes one up. Using a deft touch, a lively eye for human comedy, and a cast of marvelously drawn characters, Curry Wright has crafted a "you've got to read this" tale about wishing and wanting-when waiting is the hardest part.

Nothing in life comes quickly to Annie Lee. Whether it's patching up her relationship with her mother, changing the color of the walls in her old house, or even waiting tables in the upscale Colorado ski town where she and her husband, Lucas, live, the simplest of tasks turn into agonizing labors for a perfectionist like Annie Lee. So just in case she does become pregnant, and just in case her child does eat the leaf of an ornamental orange tree, Annie Lee decides to get a head start on motherhood and put in a few calls to the poison-control hotline. Just in case.

The trouble is, once she starts calling she can't stop. Before she knows it, Annie Lee is on a first-name basis with those helpful voices on the phone-good and decent people who would be shocked to know the truth. Her obsession is also starting to turn off Lucas, who eventually finds himself turned on by someone else. Now Annie Lee's predicament is truly unbearable: Not only is she still not with child, but she may soon be without husband.

Then, in one strange, glimmering moment, everything changes. It starts with the discovery of a diamond as big as a pea. Add in a little derring-do, a little too much to drink, some help from her friends, and an amazing discovery in the walls of Annie Lee's own home. Suddenly she can conceive of a whole new world of possibilities, including the most far-fetched one of all: that sometimes the quickest way to get your wish is just to wait and see... With a cast of quirky and endearing characters, and a storytelling gift reminiscent of Billie Letts and Cathleen Schine, a wonderful new novelist takes you on a tour of relationships, love, and other minor miracles of the heart.

Copyright 2001 by Time Warner Bookmark

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   • Wait and See, Annie Lee at Amazon U.S.
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