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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Baby on Board
Becoming a Mother without Losing Yourself
a Guide for Moms-to-Be

by Joelle Jay and Amy Kovarick

What if you could follow a program while you're pregnant that would help you create a rewarding new life - a life in which you maintain and enhance the best of yourself, for you AND your baby? Would you do it? I think most of us would. And in doing so, we wouldn't lose those little bits of ourselves like our first names (rather than so and so's mom) and we'd respond to judgmental comments with wisdom and calmness - and we might even be less judgmental ourselves.

Does this sound impossible to you? According to the authors of Baby on Board: Becoming a Mother without Losing Yourself - a Guide for Moms-to-Be, it's not only possible but extremely doable. This is not your typical self-help or mothering book. It's more of a workbook that's very thought provoking and will prepare you for the enormous changes of motherhood.

In the foreword of the book there is a quote by author Pam England that I love . . . "Every expectant mother is creating two lives - her new baby's and her own as a mother." Baby on Board really helps women work on creating the new mother side of the equation. Most of us, as expectant mothers, get so caught up in the whirlwind of baby showers and doctor's appointments and baby names and planning the nursery and all of that type of activity that we truly forget we will never really be the same again - and are we ever prepared for that? Baby on Board, with it's rather unique approach, can help women work through this process so that they will be prepared for the life-changing experience of becoming a mother.

The book is broken into ten steps:
  Step 1 - Exploring Motherhood
  Step 2 - Imaging Your Ideal First Year
  Step 3 - Clarifying your values
  Step 4 - Choosing your beliefs
  Step 5 - Setting Your Intention
  Step 6 - Deciding What You Want (making a list and prioritizing it)
  Step 7 - Modeling Time, Money, and Space
  Step 8 - Finding Your Own Solutions
  Step 9 - Making Commitments and Taking Action
  Step 10 - Celebrating Your New Life.

The authors feel that moms-to-be who work through these steps will feel more ready to be mothers, will handle all those postpartum changes and challenges in a healthier way, and will feel less "guilty, tense and overwhelmed." They will be better able to balance their new lives. I have no doubt that any mother-to-be who goes through all ten steps will achieve the authors' goals.

Besides the 10 steps in this book, Joelle Jay and Amy Kovarick have added some great Appendices including a keepsakes section so you have a record of all your hard work, a dynamite mother's helper appendix that is loaded with great tips for new moms and my favorite - the top 10 tips for becoming a mother without losing yourself. The first one is "let go of half the stuff you are trying to do" (take it from me, dump the uber-parenting thoughts before you have your baby so they don't take you down for the count afterwards!). To read the other 9 tips, you'll have to buy the book but it's worth it. In fact, the whole book is worth it, and StorkNet is very pleased to highly recommend Becoming a Mother without Losing Yourself - a Guide for Moms-to-Be.

Check out StorkNet's podcast interview with co-author Joelle Jay.

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