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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Baby Dear
by Joan Walsh Anglund

The perfect gift for anyone expecting . . . Baby Dear gives a heartwarming preview of parenting. Since 1958, author Joan Walsh Anglund has inspired readers with her earnest words and charming illustrations. She is recognized throughout the world for her touching themes of love, friendship, and spirtuality. So much so that she has sold over 45 million gift books since she started writing in 2958. And now, new parents can share in Anglund's heartwarming messages with her gift book Baby Dear (Andrews McMeel Publishing, $9.95, July 2005). Whether attending a baby shower or visiting a new mother, Baby Dear will restore the joys of expecting a child.

In Baby Dear, Anglund delivers a keepsake that revels in the happiness of a newborn child. Each picture and each word serve as reminders of the unfathomable joys that accompany children. Her original charming illustrations will become an instant treasure and her endearing epigrams will relieve maternal fears:

  • "Baby's so little . . . and baby's so new . . . mouth, sweet as a berry . . . voice, soft as dove's coo."

  • "A darling whirlwind has just claimed our home . . . first, creeping . . . then, crawling . . . in such a hurry to roam."

  • "Before we know it, Baby sits up so straight . . . Next, Baby's walking with a toddley gait."

  • "It doesn't take long before baby can run . . . with all of us chasing . . . Baby thinks that's such fun!"

With classic lines unraveling a newborn's every step, Baby Dear escorts parents and family through the moments worth celebrating. Anglund's pictures are as soothing as they are timeless. The hardcover keepsake also comes with a trinket bookmark; the small metal baby carriage makes a meaningful addition to an already loving Joan Walsh Anglund memento.

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