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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Baby Wrapping for Beginners
by Andrea Sarvady; Foreword by Fern Drillings, RN, MSN

From seminal studies to Dr. Harvey Karp's popular "Happiest Baby on the Block," the benefits of swaddling are supported by history, other cultures, hospitals (visit any maternity ward and you will see rows of baby burritos), and new parents everywhere. From ancient Greeks to Aztecs and from Africa to the Arctic, baby wrapping and baby "wearing" is a practice with impressively long roots all over the world.

Baby-Gami: Baby Wrapping for Beginners is a handy and humorous look that provides simple step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and photographs that show how to swaddle a baby into blissful contentment. Studies show that babies free to flail about wake themselves up more often. They sleep fitfully which prevents optimum rest and encourages crankiness. Similarly, babies placed in body slings tend to cry less and learn more. When worn in front, they find comfort in the parent's heartbeat and grow up more confident, socialized, and intellectually stimulated.

Easy to use, Baby-Gami features a variety of wraps and slings utilizing everything from receiving blankets, a cut of stretchy fabric, and kitchen towels to road maps and paper bags when left in a pinch. Each style describes Level of Difficulty, Age Range, and the dimensions of materials needed. Cute icons also provide basic information at a glance. Versions of rudimentary wraps evolve into the Diaper-Changing Wrap, which leaves the bottom open, and such fun wraps as the Halloween Wrap, which transforms the little pumpkin into a large carrot.

Parents who swaddle and sling will help their newborns find comfort and security by recreating the womb and will benefit themselves with added sleep and convenience. With advice from experts and real parents, Baby-Gami is a practical and delightful must-have for any new parent.

Andrea Sarvady swaddled her three children. She has a master's degree in Family Therapy and has written for several publications. Fern Drillings, RN, MSN, is a certified childbirth educator and infant CPR instructor. She is on the faculty of New York University School of Nursing.

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