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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Getting Back in Shape
Fitness and Nutrition After Pregnancy
by Deborah Mackin

Postpartum women have specific fitness, nutrition, and health needs that are not addressed by many health fitness books. Getting Back In Shape, written by fitness expert Deborah Mackin, fills that void by showing new moms how to effectively regain their shape and improve their health. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step exercise instruction alongside full-color photographs, this book reveals effective methods, based on medical facts and the author's own experiences, that will help women lose the baby fat and get back in shape.

After the birth of a child, new moms often focus all their time and energy on caring for the baby, while not taking enough time for personal health and fitness. As a busy mother with three kids, Deborah Mackin understands that a mother's time is precious. In Getting Back In Shape, she shows readers how to incorporate short but effective bursts of exercises. Featured in the book are shaping and toning exercises such as:

  • Plie with arm swing, back stretch, neck stretches, and shoulder rolls
  • Lower body workout filled with lunges, squats
  • Aerobic activities like walking, jumping rope, and running
  • Upper body workout with push-ups, lower back lifts, and bicep curls
  • Targeted crunches to work the abdominal muscles

The exercise program featured in the book will help postpartum women reap all the benefits of fitness that include better flexibility and mobility, increased energy, and improved self-esteem. Mackin also provides additional information targeted to women who have had a caesarian section, which covers how to safely perform the exercises, and the moves that they should avoid. Nutrition information teaches mothers how to create meals for the whole family, while maintaining their own healthy diet. Filled with advice perfect for first-time mothers as well as those who have several children, Getting Back In Shape is sure to become a welcome addition to your postpartum plan for healthy living.   Protein Facts
  Protein is essential for cell growth, maintenance, and repair. It is also vital for growth and development in children, and is what our muscles and ur internal organs are made of.
  First class proteins are fish, lean meats, soybeans, and low-fat dairy products.
  Protein-rich foods are best eaten at breakfast and lunch; they take longer to digest and thus keep hunger at bay.
  Unlike animal proteins, vegetable sources of protein are not totally digested by the body, so if you are a vegetarian, eat more protein.

About the author:
Deborah Mackin, a fitness trainer for nearly 20 years, has developed successful exercise and nutrition programs--based on her own experiences as mother of three children--to help women face the unique challenge of staying fit and healthy during and after pregnancy.

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