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Board Books

StorkNet is proud to feature some of our own members' very favorite infant, toddler and children's books, tapes, videos and CDs. If you have a favorite that isn't listed here, let us know.


My Tiny Book of Christmas
By Marion Passey
Illustrated by Jerry Harston

With lyrical rhymes and beautiful illustrations, your child will love this tiny book of Christmas . . .

Christmas time brings love and fun
And special joy for everyone,
My body tingles everywhere
As Christmas music fills the air.

Read more about this special little book here.


My Friends
The vibrant illustrations and charming story of Taro Gomi's My Friends are now available in an adorable board book format. My Friends is a spirited homage to friendship, as a little girl recounts all the things she has learned from an enchanging menagerie of animal friends. "I learned to run from my firend the horse. I learned to sing from my friends the birds. I learned to ready from my friends the books. And I learned to love from a friend like you." Using simple words and bright illustrations, author-illustrator Taro Gomi shows children that sometimes knowledge can come from all kinds of friends.
Written and illustrated by Taro Gomi | Published by Chronicle Books, September 2005 | Toddler Books (Newborn to Age 2)
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

Click here to read moreCOUNTDOWN TO SPRING by Janet Schulman is a delightful and colorful animal counting book, now available as a board book. "5 mice running in and out of the tulips!" Perfect for toddlers and fun for those learning their numbers, this book features adorable, cheery animals water-painted by Meilo So. Click here to read review
Random House Alfred A. Knopf Young Readers Board Books| Ages 0 - 4 | January 2004
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

A Busy YearA BUSY YEAR by four-time Caldecott Honor artist Leo Lionni is a celebration of four seasons for young readers. Lionni's classic tale is now available in the board book edition, ideal for teaching preschoolers about each month of the year. A tree changes month by month, watched over by twin mice who admire her on their frequent visits.
Random House Alfred A. Knopf Young Readers Board Books| Ages 0 - 4 | January 2004
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

Imagination Song ~ "Here, in the middle of imagination, right in the middle of my head.../ I close my eyes and my home isn't home.../ and my bed isn't really my bed." Sesame Street Read-Along Songs presents this lovely full-color board book version of "Imagination Song," which was first heard on Sesame Street more than 25 years ago. Hardcover: 32 pages | Publisher: Random House October 2001
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK 

An adorable quartet of simply rhymed stories, combined with sweet, soft illustrations and irresistable chenille patches. The Nubby Bear, Nubby Bunny, Nubby Kitty and Nubby Pup board books are welcoming for tiny, not-quite-nimble hands and their touch-and-feel interactivity will keep the attention spans of the youngest readers. (January 2003) Text by Kate McMulan, illustrated by Christopher Moroney. Based on Stan Herman's World of Nubbies
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

Little Piglet comes equipped with his own little backpack which velcros shut easily for little fingers. Open it up and your child will find a little board book attached inside with a sweet story about Piglet picking berries in the woods. Along comes Owl, Kanga and Pooh to the rescue when Piglet drops the berries. Huggable, squishable and soft, this toy is really a book and a stuffed animal in one. Great for travel. Disney Books for Young Readers; Board edition (May 2002)
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

Raffi Songs to Read - Spider on the Floor What if a spider lands on your leg? Or your stomach? Or your face? Toddler-sized spider fans will delight in this book about a cute wayward spider who manages to ensnare lots of critters in its web. Spider on the Floor is the latest high-energy entry in the Raffi Songs to Read board book series. Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers Board Book / 32 pages / Ages 0-4
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

Grow! Babies! Watch the babies grow with this board book which pictures twenty babies over the course of a year, showing their growth and development. Large adorable photographs of a multicultural group of babies in diapers grace the sturdy pages. Written by Penny Gentieu, a well-known photographer whose work has graced the covers of over 100 major magazines. Crown Books for Young Readers Board Book / 22 pages / Ages 0 -4.
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

The Best Mouse Cookie Join the mouse from If You Give A Mouse a Cookie as he bakes his own cookies in his little mouse house. Mouse burns the first batch but learns that starting over isn't so bad. And, he learns that the best cookie is the one you share with a friend. This little board book is a perfect gift for a baby or toddler.
Hardcover; Publisher: Harpercollins Juvenile Books / 24 pages / baby through pre-school.
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK


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