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StorkNet's Bookshelf
The V Zone: A Woman's Guide to Intimate Health Care
by Colette Bouchez and Elsa Giardina

It is clear that we are finally entering an era where women's health issues are being seriously examined by the medical community. It is no longer expected that the goings on "down there" are taboo and therefore, not worthy of consideration save the yearly examination and pap smear.

Colette Bouchez's book The V Zone is a comprehensive and practical guide to the health and hygiene concerns regarding the vagina. The book is laid out in a readable format, each chapter beginning with a description of the ailment, it's symptoms, tests you should have (and insist to your doctor about having), then possible treatment options, and preventive measures to avoid future bouts. The terminology is medical but not overly so and thus, the reader is given correct information without requiring a medical dictionary to sort it all out.

Bouchez is not a doctor, but her information is gleaned from the medical community, and the forward has been written by the Director of the Centre for Women's Health from the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre in New York. Bouchez herself is a senior medical journalist who writes for the New York Daily News.

In this reviewer's opinion, this book is a good one to have in your bedside drawer and to refer to when something just doesn't feel right. A good example of this would be getting a correct diagnosis of Bacterial Vaginitis. "At the same time, if you are relying solely on your doctor to diagnose you BV, there are a few things you should know. First, neither a routine pelvic exam nor even a Pap smear can necessarily spot BV. Indeed, specific tests are necessary in order for a truly accurate diagnosis." (Chapter 1, pg. 53) This seems to be the case for many of the uncomfortable and completely curable infections of the vagina that are missed, overlooked and misdiagnosed on a regular basis. This book offers the information you need to ask the right questions of your doctor and to request testing that your doctor may or may not offer on their own.

The V Zone is a reassuring and interesting read which provides the practical and important information that every woman should have about her genitalia and the care and concerns regarding it.

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