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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Butter Comes from Butterflies
When I Was a Kid, I Used to Believe...

Compiled by Mat Connolley, Illustrations by Scott Menchin

Kids say the darndest things, don't they?? In conversation with a childhood friend one day, Mat Connolley learned that his friend used to believe his body was filled with baked beans. No doubt this misinformation was fed to him by a sadistic older sibling.

Mat himself conjured up a fantasy about a vampire living down the toilet, leading to morbid fear and a life-and-death urgency every time he had to use the bathroom. Inspired by humor and curiosity, Connolley decided to collect such childhood beliefs on a website called Butter Comes from Butterflies is a hilarious, entertaining, and sweet collection of the best of the thousands of entries submitted by people all over the world.

Many of the entries are common and universal childhood delusions and misunderstandings. Some are deliberate untruths perpetuated by well-meaning parents. Most are zany conclusions resulting from the imagination and uber-logic of young children attempting to make sense of the large, strange, fascinating, and sometimes frightening world around them. Charming and nostalgic, Butter Comes from Butterflies will remind readers what it was like to be a child.

  • "My parents used to tell me that I should wear clean underwear every day in case I was in a car accident. I grew up thinking my underwear could stop traffic." --Anonymous

  • "I thought that the term prima donna was actually pre-Madonna . . ." --Ollie

  • "I believed steel wool came from steel sheep." --T.G.

  • "I used to believe that to quit a bad habit all you needed to do was eat some cold turkey." --Randy

  • "When I was little, I used to believe that if you put your hands in the air, you couldn't be killed. That was the reason why everybody in Starsky and Hutch put their hands up whenever anyone pulled a gun." -Andy

  • "When I saw headlines on TV like 'bank robbery, two people killed, news at 11:00,' I thought they knew it was going to happen at 11:00 and wondered why they didn't stop it beforehond." --Anonymous

Mat Connolley's website,, is a place for people all over the world to share their own childhood memories. He lives in England.


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