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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Don't Touch That Doorknob!
How germs can zap you and how you can zap back
by Jack Brown, Ph.D.

A Microbiologist warns...
Don't Touch That Doorknob! Germs are everywhere. Those seconds on the elevator, those minutes on the checkout line, that evening at the cocktail party. They all bring you up close and personal with your fellow human beings... and with germs. Whatever you call them-bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, or protozoa-these potent microorganisms are on you, in you, and all around you by the trillions. And while many are vital to our very lives, others are dangerous, even deadly.

In this comprehensive, down-to-earth manual, a renowned microbiologist and authority on germs shows you how microorganisms affect you in daily life and how you and your immune system can fight back. From the common infections such as a skin rash that you can get in your home to the more dangerous contractible diseases such as hepatitis, this accessible guide tells you:

  • How to avoid catching infections in the hospital
  • How to kill the thousands of germs that live in your kitchen sponge
  • Which foods contain the most dangerous germs
  • When antibacterial soap should be used
  • How to stay healthy while traveling
  • What part of your body hides the most germs
  • Who should get flu shots and why.

Don't Touch That Doorknob! will also address these items of interest (Or "germs of truth"):

  • If antibiotics can't kill the cold and flu virus, why are they often prescribed?
  • How long can mayonnaise linger in the refrigerator?
  • Which room in your home harbors the most germs?
  • When should you get vaccinated for rubella?
  • Most colds arrive in winter. Right?
  • How hot should your food be served?

Chapter nine covers just about every concern hidden within our kitchen walls from food-borne illness, to the correct way to clean the floor. As a mom and grandmother, I will be referring to the eye-opening information, helpful tips and bare facts in this chapter often. Included is a chart devoted to food storage. (If your mayonnaise is older than two months, toss it out!)

Not only do we learn how germs make themselves at home in our homes, but also at fast food restaurants, nursing homes, offices, hospitals and on our pets. This book is not written to scare us, but to enlighten us about the ways we can prevent illness and protect ourselves from that little microscopic invader - the germ.

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