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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Empty Cradle, Broken Heart
Surviving the Death of Your Baby

by Deborah L. Davis, Ph.D.

It is a tragic fact that more than one quarter of all women will experience a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death in their lifetime and yet they are often left feeling alone in their grief and at a total loss as to how to deal with it. Empty Cradle, Broken Heart is a sensitive, insightful and immensely helpful resource for all those who are plunged into this type of despair.

Deborah Davis is a developmental psychologist who specializes in perinatal bereavement, parent education and child development. Her book is the culmination of more than ten years of research and clinical work with bereaved parents. This resource is incredible and one that everyone who has been affected by the loss of a baby should read. The writing style is easy to read and understand. Each chapter ends with a very helpful "Points to Remember," particularly useful as the chapters contain so much valuable information.

At every point, the reader will feel support and validation as she or he is led through the grieving process. Parents are encouraged to affirm their baby, to confront and work through painful and difficult feelings and to make peace with agonizing decisions. There is great comfort in knowing that no topic has been considered too difficult to discuss - parents can truly feel understood and that they are not alone.

Empty Cradle, Broken Heart covers everything relevant to those suffering the loss of their baby. With 17 information-and support-filled chapters and three appendices, this is certainly an extensive and invaluable resource. All aspects relating to grief are discussed with great sensitivity. Other related topics include the parental relationship and issues especially affecting fathers; support networks; trying again and the subsequent pregnancy; parenting after your loss.

Quotes from many parents are interspersed throughout the chapters. Even though each person's experience and grief is of course unique, readers will find validation and support in their words. Be prepared to be moved to tears at times though.

I thoroughly recommend this book - in fact I consider it a "must have" for all those who are affected by the loss of a baby. This resource can help lead you from the darkness: it will help you survive the death of your baby.

Book review by Gaye Johnson

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