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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Superbody Boot Camp: Firm It
by Tracey Mallett

Superbody Boot Camp: Firm It is a 55 minute total body workout combining taekwondo, kickboxing, strength training and pilates. Tracey Mallett is the lead instructor and is joined by 2 men and 2 women, one of whom does the modified version. The workout is done outside in the courtyard of the Casa Cody Inn in Palm Springs, California.

The workout begins with a 6 minute warm-up which is long enough to feel warmed up, get the blood flowing and feel stretched and ready to work hard. From there, Tracey goes into "Kick Butt Legs" which is a 10 minute section of mostly kickboxing moves. You'll definitely raise your heart rate and work those legs thoroughly. The "Upper Core Body Burn" section runs a little under 10 and a half minutes and is done with a resistance tube. Yowzaa! This is a tough section and will do nice things for my upper body. "Target Buns Blast" is 15.5 minutes of intense floor work that definitely targets those buns. You'll be glad you're on the floor for this section, and it flows right into the 10 minute Abs in Training section. You'll love the 2 minute cool down stretch at which point, you'll congratulate yourself for working out with Tracey Mallett!

The only equipment needed for this workout is a resistance tube. A yoga mat or other mat would be comfortable for the floor work but not necessary. The DVD is chaptered so it's very easy to do the various sections alone or mix and match for your own unique workout - very handy if you're short on time!

The workout is billed as intermediate. A beginner could do the workout and build up to the more advanced moves. For example, doing the upper body work without the resistance tube would still be a good workout. The choreography is simple, and the workout is fun. As Tracey says, if it's fun, you'll stick with it!

Besides the workout, the DVD also includes a 7-Day diet plan written by a registered dietitian that can be uploaded into your computer and printed out.

This workout is fun, easy to follow, doesn't require a lot of equipment, and gives you results. Based on that, I'd say this one is a keeper!

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