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StorkNet's Bookshelf
The Five-Minute Healer
Easy, Natural Ways To Look and Feel Better Fast
by Jane Alexander

The Five-Minute Healer works as a guidebook, giving suggestions and ideas to revitalize our looks, center and calm ourselves, boost self-confidence, stay cool and collected at work, detox our system, banish a cold, zap a hangover, and do exercises any hour of the day. It introduces us to our chakras, to feng shui, yoga, flower essence and aromatherapy, and other natural modes of relaxation and revitalization.

I found each example clear, easy and fun. But most of all, they were just enough of an introduction to allow me to decide if I'd like to learn more about that particular technique. For instance, on pages 100 and 101, there are instructions for intoning my chakras. The seven chakras are centers of vital energy in our bodies. It is said that when all the chakras vibrate in balance, we enjoy perfect health and well-being. This intrigued me enough to study more about chakras and I now am the proud owner of chakra candles!

Balance your energy
Jin shin jyutsu is an ancient Japanese therapy that can eliminate stress and fatigue, relieve pain, and balance your emotions. The poses are simple and highly discreet- you can do jin shin anywhere - without anyone realizing.

Release Tension and Stress:
This pose releases tension and stress throughout the body. It helps to empty the body of stale and stagnant energy.
1. Hold the middle joint of the left middle finger lightly between the right thumb and fingers.
2. Hold for a few minutes.
3. Reverse instructions for the other hand.

This is a book to bring in the car, set by the bed, keep handy by your desk, or stick in your briefcase. The exercises and suggestions all fit neatly on one or two pages, include color illustrations and easy-to-follow directions. It is a "thumb through" book that is not only informative and educational, but it is fun! If you are like me, you'll find the book relaxing to just read and absorb. Open a page and discover something new!

Book review by Nancy Eggleston

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