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by Nikki Goldstein

Reviewed by K. Spangler

GirlForce, written by Nikki Goldstein is a different book with a powerful message designed to be delivered to tweens and teens. It's based on the ancient Indian Ayurveda - the belief that we are all derived from nature and each individual corresponds most strongly to one of three specific Body Types - Air, Fire and Earth. When we live our lives in a manner that matches the correct body type we are in harmony, a spiritual connection is made, and according to the author, (if you're a girl) "GirlForce" is achieved. You begin the book by identifying your Body Type through a series of questions. Once the Body Type is uncovered, the book goes on to discuss diet (healthy eating for proper nutrition and a balanced body, not a look or size), exercise (the right exercise for the specific type - not one size fits all), yoga, beauty tips (including makeup, aromatherapy, self-massage, clothing tips, jewelry gem-stone selection, stress-less tips (complete with stress management plans), meditation, self-esteem and relationships. The last section of the book is a Q & A regarding many topics that affect tweens and teens and provide some insight and thought provoking answers.

I thought this book was very informative and very well organized. It provides girls with a nice foundation for exploring who they are, what makes them tick and how to live a healthy, harmonious and balanced life, all while stressing their uniqueness. I love the message that rigidity (such as dieting, stressful situations, etc.) are not helpful goals, girls need to trust their intuition, should practice daily self-love and possess/build a super-healthy dose of self-esteem. GirlForce is full of incredible tools for them to begin to put into practice now, and will serve them well through adulthood.

One thing, this book was written by an Australian, so there may be a few terms that may seem different to someone not Australian. However, overall GirlForce is an easy read, is chock-full of useful, empowering information, provides excellent jump-off points for parents to discuss certain topics with their daughters and promotes a very healthy lifestyle. In fact, mothers could even take the test themselves to determine their own Body Type along with their daughter(s).

My Rating:
Out of a possible 5 Stars = 1/2 Stars!

Recommended for children ages 9-12

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