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Books that help!

StorkNet is proud to feature some of our own members' very favorite infant, toddler and children's books, tapes, videos and CDs. If you have a favorite that isn't listed here, let us know.

Otis, the lovable dog with big floppy ears who first appeared in Dog Eared, is back in Amanda Harvey's latest book Dog Days, starring Otis. No longer worried about the size of his ears, Otis has a new concern--a little kitten that his family won't stop fussing over. When the family adopts a meowing fluff ball, Otis suddenly feels second-best. They miss his breakfast, neglect to shake out his bed, and forget to brush his hair. Not liking this lack of attention, Otis marches out of the house and sets off on his own. Soon he learns that there is room for both dog and cat, and that he is very much a part of the family, always was, always will be!
A Doubleday Book for Young Readers Hardcover; 32 pages; Ages 3 to 6
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

A Story for Hippo. Hippo and Monkey are best friends. Hippo is the oldest and wisest animla in the jungle, and Monkey is the funniest. Every day, they eat cabbages and play games and tell stories. When Hippo dies, Monkey is sad. Who will tell him stories? Who will laugh at his jokes? Who will be his very best friend? A Story for Hippo is a gentle and reassuring book for anyone who has ever lost a loved one. With beautiful simplicity, it answers difficult questions that even a very young child can understand, and shows us how to keep the spirit of a cherished person alive forever. By Simon Puttock and Alison Bartlett
32 pages; Reading level: Ages 4-8
To Purchase: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK

Once Upon a Potty. "Just like you, Prudence has a body, and this body has many nice and useful parts: A head for thinking, Eyes for seeing, Ears for hearing, A mouth to talk and eat with, Hands for playing, A pee-pee for making Wee-Wee, Legs for walking and running, A bottom for sitting, and in it a little hole for making poo-poo." Potty talk has long been considered taboo in conversation--even between parent and child. Thankfully, Alona Frankel presents toilet training in a frank, open way for parents and children. Available in both girl and boy formats, Once Upon a Potty books are best used as companion volumes to a child's new potty. Click here for review by Liz Fretz
To Purchase for boys: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK
To Purchase for girls: | (Canada)  | Amazon.UK


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