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StorkNet's Bookshelf
The Man Who Would Be Dad
by Hogan Hilling

"As Tina gently embraced our firstborn son, Grant, she greeted him with a glowing 'Hi, Sweetie.' I marveled at the look in her eyes and was captivated by her breathtaking affection for the baby. This child was everything she had hoped for and more. When I held Grant for the first time, it felt awkward and anticlimactic. The right words failed me..."

As I read the opening to The Man Who Would Be Dad, I wondered how many, many fathers would identify with those words. We, as moms, often begin bonding with our babies within hours of discovering two solid lines on the pregnancy test. Fathers, while caring and supportive of the maternal pregnancy and birth process, are more or less on the outside peeking in. Immune from morning sickness, indigestion, bulging bellies and stretch marks, they are at a bonding disadvantage. Bonding is a tricky process, one that our author describes with affection, honesty and humor, from the delivery room through sleepless nights, calls to the doctor, kindergarten graduation and many childhood lessons.

Hogan chose to be a stay-at-home dad to his three sons, a decision that he and his wife worked through with communication, understanding and great care. Any set of parents who are considering this decision will find this book a helpful guide, full of heartwarming moments as well as tricky stumbling blocks. We are touched with empathy as Hilling chronicles his breakthrough into the circle of moms in the toddler group. We also become surprisingly aware of the walls that separate moms and dads and the roles society has set up for each. We even learn a few new parenting tactics! With more dads like Hilling, our children will discover that either can parent just as well, in their own wonderful way.

The Man Who Would Be Dad is not just another "dad book." This is a warm, humorous and wise passage through the heart and soul of a man who truly understands what parenting is all about. It is also a book that I connected with personally. As I read each story I could see my own son, a young, new father, who participates in all aspects of parenting. Hilling's example comes at a time when we see more and more dads carrying diaper bags, attending school meetings and bringing their children to their appointments and activities. It's a good time to be a dad! And Hilling reminds us that "any man can make a baby. It takes a real man to raise a child." Thank you, Hogan Hilling.

About the Author
Hogan Hilling is a father, first, last and foremost. He co-founded the Fathers Network of Orange County (CA) and organized a Dad's Club at his children's elementary school. For five years he was an instructor for an expectant dads program at Irvine Medical Center in Irvine, California, and he helped design an expectant parents program for Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo. He is currently developing a motivational workshop program for all fathers called Proud Dads. You are invited to visit his website and learn more about this inspirational dad and author. Click here: Proud Dads

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