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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Journey to Motherhood on Cloud Nine
by Lana Jordan

Are women ever tired of reading about the joys and wonder of the birth of a baby? I think not, and Lana Jordan brings not just the experiences of real women with the births of their babies to the reader, she also enlightens us with the important aspects of pregnancy and birth from a medical, physical and emotional standpoint.

Having had four children myself, everything in this book is enjoyable to read-and I sat down and read Journey to Motherhood on Cloud Nine in a couple of evenings! I, like many other moms, enjoy reading and comparing the birth experiences of my own children to others. Above that, the rich content Ms. Jordan offers in each chapter about the traditional and non-traditional opportunities available to women helps shed light on some of the questions that we face with each positive pregnancy test.

In addition to the facts and the birth stories, Lana also brings a touch of faith into the motherhood experience. In my opinion, the miracle of birth came from Above, and there is no better place for us to remember the powers of God, as in our miracles of birth.

New moms-to-be should enjoy Journey, as it brings to light many of the fears about pregnancy and birth. Although you may have to endure every birth story for miles around within your own life, reading this book allows you to contemplate what you really want out of your pregnancy and childbirth-at your own pace and considering your own needs.

But, I believe that the mother who has had at least one child will get the most pleasure from reading this book. After you have your first child, and you ponder more, you have the chance to look back on your pregnancy and birth experience-to decide if you want the same things all over again, or if a different approach would be better for you. Some women featured in the book chose a different route with each child, while some explained that they liked their first experience and returned to have subsequent children in the same way. Whatever route a woman chooses to take with childbirth, Lana Jordan gives you all of the facts from a layperson's point of view, so that you can make a decision based on your very own personal feelings.

This is not another medical directory, with terms that are based on Latin phrases that a normal person cannot understand--nor is it a book about the 40 weeks of pregnancy and each little piece of downy fluff that grows on your baby during gestation. This book focuses on the mother-the one person that makes birth possible. And, it focuses on some of the physical and emotional information that a mother craves for the birth of her baby.

Journey to Motherhood on Cloud Nine empowers a mom-to-be and a mother. Whether it's through the knowledge and experience of the varied 'real women' experiences, or through Lana's own experiences - this book gives the reader the goods so that they can research the options for an enjoyable pregnancy and birth experience.

Book review by Tammy Harrison, mom of four children and media planner.

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