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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Meditation Secrets for Women
discovering your passion, pleasure and inner peace

by Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche, Ph.D.

Enjoy Exploring Womanhood's Interview with these authors

How many of us, when considering meditation, have visions of monks sitting awkwardly with crossed legs and stiff backs, chanting inaudible sounds mixed with total silence? The thought of learning to meditate can be daunting and intimidating. We tell ourselves that we'll learn to meditate another day, another year when life is slower and quieter. Yet meditation, yoga, chi and other rejuvenating and spiritually awakening practices are being mentioned by our friends, discussed online and reviewed in magazines more than ever. If you are like me, you want to participate and learn! The authors of Meditation Secrets have opened a new door, one which allows us the freedom of designing our own meditation techniques. They explain that the techniques that worked for "reclusive and celibate males" need updating for contemporary women. As you read this enlightening book, you will discover a refreshing new view of what meditation really is.

Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche have opened up some boundaries that many of us have mistakenly assumed would be irreverent to displace. We are now told it is okay to find what works for us, and to address our needs and strengths as women. We are led through a journey that helps us customize our meditation practice to fit our individual nature. We are taught what our authors call meditation secrets, all of which are the keys that open those doors I mentioned above: Celebrate your senses, Honor your instincts, Claim your inner authority, Be tender with yourself, Dwell in your inner sanctuary, Answer the call, Ride your rhythms, Say yes to every part of yourself, Rest in simplicity, Do not fear the Depths, Love your body, and my favorite: Live it up!

The most empowering lesson I learned through reading Meditation Secrets for Women is that each of the secrets are created and fashioned by our own selves. There are no rules. There are suggestions, ideas, creative and powerful invitations, but we are in control of our own meditation! The gifts we will experience by following our own personal path to meditation will allow us to:

  • Make use of sensual, pleasurable meditation techniques
  • Gain a refreshing, rejuvenating rest that is deeper than sleep
  • Relieve stress and promote good health
  • Relax and be yourself as you reap life-affirming benefits
  • Enhance your relationships and creativity

Meditation Secrets for Women is a wise and sensible book that lifts my spirits and energizes my inner self. I keep it near my bed and review sections often. It is a guide I use in my own life and in my own journal. Writing my thoughts on this book has been a wonderful opportunity to share in the celebration of being female!

About the authors:

Lorin and CamilleCamille Maurine has been teaching movement, meditation, and theater since 1975. With her husband, Lorin, she has long been exploring the experience of the feminine in meditation.

Camille's work, called kinAesthetics, focuses on accessing one's inner life through meditation, and then expressing that life in movement, sound, and speech. She teaches at the Continuum Studio in Santa Monica, California, offering private sessions, workshops for women, and Moving Theater classes for men and women. Camille also travels to give performances and workshops, and is preparing a new presentation called "Secrets."

Lorin Roche received his Ph.D. in Social Science from the University of California at Irvine in 1987. His dissertation was about the maps that meditators develop to navigating their inner worlds and the language they come up with to describe their experiences. His Master's Degree work focused on the hazards of meditation and the crisis points in a meditator's development.

Dr. Roche has been exploring, researching and teaching meditation since 1968. Since then he has been developing an approach, which he calls Instinctive Meditation, that works with the fine structure of individual uniqueness, rather than imposing a standardized approach. He draws on insights into how people learn gained from the cognitive sciences, the Himalayan meditation tradition that TM is based on, Jungian dream work, and Tai Chi. This integrative approach results in simple ways for people to learn many different meditation techniques.

Instinctive Meditation tends to feel more like an innate skill that you are remembering than a technique that you are learning. Lorin's work is aimed at activating an individual's internal guidance systems and bringing forth your instinctive knowing, so that you can safely practice meditation without being dependent upon Gurus, systems or external authorities.

Book review by Nancy Eggleston

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