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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Bon Appetit, Baby! The Breastfeeding Kit
by Elaine Moran

We have all heard the catch phrase "Breast is best" and yet in Western countries breastfeeding rates are depressingly low. Despite the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendation that babies receive breast milk exclusively for the first four to six months of life and thereafter together with other foods until at least baby's first birthday, the reality is that very few babies do. Less than one quarter of American babies are receiving any breast milk at all at the four month mark. If every new mother had a copy of Bon Appetit, Baby! The Breastfeeding Kit, this dismal picture could be turned around!

Elaine Moran discovered while nursing her own children that there was a need for up-to-date, concise information about breastfeeding, and a way for new mothers to get that all-important reassurance that their babies are getting enough milk. Bon Appetit, Baby! does all this and MORE!

The Kit consists of four parts, plus a comprehensive resource guide at the back. Elaine has thought of everything, and even includes a two-tone pencil which is velcroed to the book's cover and a "Breastfeeding Baby in Training - Please no bottles or pacifiers" sign for use in the hospital!

Part I is a Practical Breastfeeding Manual
Part II is The Nursing Mother's Nutrition and Weight Loss Guide
Part III is the Six-Week Nursing Diary with the Nurse-N-Track System TM
Part IV is The New Mother's Journal

The Breastfeeding Manual is thorough, easy-to-read and concise. It is simple to find information - the format is very appropriate for the new mom, who is likely to be tired and wanting to get the information she needs QUICKLY! The illustrations contained in the sections about latch and feeding positions are probably the best I have seen, and all information contained here is in line with La Leche League teachings. Everything a new breastfeeding mom needs to know is covered - preparation for nursing, through the early days, a father's role, identifying common newborn problems, expressing and storing breast milk and much more.

The Nutrition and Weight Loss Guide provides vital information which can help new mothers SAFELY lose weight while nursing. Attention is paid to getting enough of the crucial elements in the diet, and as part of the next section, there is a Nutrition Diary where moms can check off as they have their recommended serves of protein, dairy and so on. What a great reminder to moms to eat well!

The Six-Week Nursing Diary is a real innovation! Nursing mothers are often told of the importance of keeping track of number of feeds, wet and dirty diapers, but HOW is this to be achieved? Elaine Moran provides the revolutionary Nurse-N-Track System TM! Covering the first six weeks of baby's life, mothers can record baby's feeding, sleeping, waking and diapering in a way that forever does away with crumpled up little pieces of paper. This record can prove invaluable in reassuring the mother that her baby is getting plenty of that wonderful breast milk, and can be very helpful if moms do need to seek the guidance of a lactation consultant or pediatrician. Mothers can also use the information to detect baby's patterns, helping them to bring some small level of predictability to their day. (I should point out that it is not intended to be used for parental-scheduling of babies but rather that it can be helpful to parents in detecting their babies' natural patterns as they develop.)

Section four has room for moms to record the many special events which occur in life with a new baby. Beautiful quotes appear at the bottom of each page - my favorite is by Susan Sarandon, "Children reinvent your world for you."

I have no hesitation in recommending this book. I wish it had been around when I had my own child - perhaps then those early weeks of breastfeeding would have been more pleasant! What a wonderful baby shower gift this book would make. Or, you could treat yourself!

Be sure to visit StorkNet's interview with author Elaine Moran!

Book review by Gaye Johnson

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