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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Your Perfectly Pampered Pregnancy
Beauty, Health, and Lifestyle Advice for the Modern Mother-to-Be
by Colette Bouchez

From the moment a pregnancy is announced, it seems everything and everyone is focused on baby. But what about Mom? Not only is her body changing, but everything about her lifestyle, her career, her emotions, her sex life, even her relationships are turned upside-down - with little, if any advice available on how to cope.

To the rescue: Your Perfectly Pampered Pregnancy - a revolutionary new kind of self-help guide that puts every mother-to-be at center stage! Culling advice from top health, beauty and style experts worldwide, award winning reporter Colette Bouchez offers a virtual blueprint of pregnancy self-care with the best and easiest ways to look and feel terrific from first trimester to last - while still looking out for baby!

From overcoming common pregnancy complaints and coping with everyday health concerns, to dealing with serious medical events, pregnancy fears, mounting stress, even relationship problems, Bouchez offers readers not only the latest medical information, but calming, nurturing, reassuring advice on how to care for yourself while caring for your growing baby.

Recognizing the beauty, fashion and style needs of today's modern mother-to-be, Bouchez is there again, with a shopping cart full of tips and tricks from not only the world's leading fashion, hair and cosmetic experts, but also some of Hollywood's most glamorous new moms - for a fun and fabulous pregnancy that leaves you looking as good as you feel!

Also important: Acknowledging the needs of today's working mother-to-be, with advice and how-to's covering everything from prenatal legal rights to coping with health insurance snafus, uncovering breastfeeding options, taking time off for doctors appointments - even how to tell when your body is ready to go back to work! What's more, there's a lifestyle guide featuring the latest news and information on diet, fitness and nutritional needs, as well as the safety issues surrounding cell phone use, microwave ovens, home decor products, gardening and more! All totaled, this is not only the first mother-centered self-care guide, it is also the most complete guide to a healthy pregnancy available today.

Additional highlights include:

  • Overcoming the five most common pregnancy complaints - including morning sickness, rashes, backache, heartburn, and more.

  • Your intimate pregnancy - with special advice for V zone and breast care.

  • How to safely treat common health worries - like colds and flu, asthma, migraines, allergies and more - plus safe medications, and what to avoid.

  • Overcoming the 6 most common pregnancy fears.

  • Beating pregnancy stress naturally.

  • How to make pregnant sex the best sex of your life.

  • How to choose a prenatal vitamin - and which ones you must avoid.

  • Exercises to make labor and delivery easier.

  • What to do during pregnancy to insure getting your figure back after birth.

  • How to buy a maternity wardrobe without breaking the bank - or losing your sense of style.

  • What to buy and what to avoid at your favorite cosmetics counter.

  • How to care for your body, mind and spirit with spa-quality treatments you can make at home.

  • How to give yourself a pregnancy makeover - with 6 quick cosmetic fixes for the most common beauty and hair care problems.

  • What to expect the first 6 hours, 6 days and 6 weeks after giving birth - and how to have the most pampered postpartum period ever!

Written in a caring, reassuring, one-an-one tone - like a chat with your best friend Your Perfectly Pampered Pregnancy is a unique (and long overdue) addition to the booming baby category - and a must-read that honors the diva in every mother-to-be.

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