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Pandora Gets Jealous
by Carolyn Hennesy

Reviewed by S. Spangler, age 9

Pandora is a thirteen year old girl who lives in Athens. She has a very weird family. Her parents were on Zeus's bad side. This all starts when Pandora needs something for show and tell. She has nothing at home to bring because either it's boring or she has brought it before. She finally finds something: Her father's box given to him by Zeus. This isn't just any old box. This has seven kinds of evil inside. The evils will terrorize people and remain forever. Her school freaks out. When the project was done, she started home to put the box back where it belonged when the most popular and sassiest girls in school approached her. They said Pandora and her friends, Alcie and Iole could come to a party if they could see the box. Alcie and Iole know they'll cause trouble and try to convince Pandy not to let them near the box, but Pandy didn't listen! They touched the seal and all the evils popped out. They turned into ugly black monsters and the whole school exploded. Can Pandora catch all the evils before it's too late? Get a copy of this book and find out for yourself!

I really loved Pandora Gets Jealous because it was funny. At 250 pages long, it took me a while to read it, but I enjoyed it anyway. I think the story will make children think before they disobey their parents or others people's rules, which is the moral of this story. Carolyn Hennesy is the type of author I like. She writes long books, but makes it funny so kids aren't bored by how long it is. There is a glossary in the back which helps with all of the names and words children may not know. I think that children and adults would both like this book. This would make a great gift.

Carolyn Hennesy also wrote Pandora Gets Vain and Pandora Gets Lazy, sequels to Pandora Gets Jealous.

My Rating:
Out of a possible 5 Stars = Stars!

Recommended for children ages 9-12

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