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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Sara Holliday's Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout

Sara Holliday has done it again with her Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout, the latest in her Fit for MomTM series. This workout is perfect for the postpartum mom who has been given medical approval to resume exercise following childbirth. During a period when finding exercise time may be difficult and mental clarity may not be terribly focused, this workout can help new moms resume exercise safely. The moves are simple so that coordination and quick thinking aren't required. However, don't be fooled! This is a powerful workout regardless of how easy the moves are. Your glutes will be barking the next day!

The complete workout is 30 minutes which includes a 20 minute cardio portion and 10 minutes of floor work. The cardio works the belly, hips, thighs, and upper arms with simple but very effective moves. The floor section includes pushups, leg work and abdominal toning along with a short stretch at the end. If time is tight, the workout could be split into 2 workouts, but you will be surprised at how fast time flies doing the full 30 minutes.

This workout is done by Sara only on a beautiful beach with the ocean just steps behind her. The music is soft and not terribly exciting but with the sound of the waves in the background, you won't mind a bit. In fact, the music seems perfect for this workout. You do not need any equipment other than a working DVD player and this DVD! Much cheaper than going to a gym!

You WILL feel this workout the next day. Done consistently, you will help Sara achieve her goal - to help you get your body back! Sara will motivate you, especially with her warmth and charm. Sara, herself, is a postpartum mom with a three month old baby; she knows what she's talking about! For optimal results, Sara suggests doing this workout 3 times a week plus an additional day of exercise of your choice.

The DVD sells for $14.95 and is available from

About Fitbysara (
Fitbysara was founded in San Diego in 2005 by fitness guru Sara Holliday to showcase her unique brand of personal fitness products. Based on the mission of helping women achieve their optimum potential in body, mind, and spirit, Fitbysara reflects the expertise of Sara Holliday's nearly 15 years in the health and fitness industry. She is a certified aerobics instructor, a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist. She has trained extensively in the martial arts and is certified in yoga. Sara also has a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology.

To Purchase:
   • Sara Holliday's Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout at


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