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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Pretty Bad
by Shirley Jump

If you're familiar with the writings of Shirley Jump, a title like Pretty Bad probably immediately makes one speculate about what kind of wild ride they've got ahead of them. Exactly, who or what is Shirley referring to, and how are the characters going to react to the fall-out. Well, one need not wait too long to determine they're in for a real treat!

A model, from a wealthy family, Madison Worth (the heroine) is used to five-star hotels, maids, and having servants at her beck and call. Unfortunately for her, Jack Pleeseman (the hero) is not answering! Jack in interested in Madison's look all-right, for professional purposes, but he's still a man, after-all. Can any red-blooded male house a beautiful top model and not crave a little taste of temptation?

Top model, Madison Worth finds herself in farm-country in Massachusetts due to a major career faux-pas. Who knew the powers that be in model-dom would get so up in arms over a misdirected toss? Kate Moss was the recipient, but Madison truly received the full back-lash. Hmmm, so when Madison's agent ships her off to the equivalent of Siberia in the model world, the chips start flying. Literally!

How will a model who doesn't want to be in the country, and a farm-boy who has no need for a city-slicked female weather the ride? You'll have to secure your very own copy of Pretty Bad to find out just how much broncing Madison and Jack do. Shirley Jump once again delivers a funny story, rich with characters that you can't help but care about.

Oh, and the recipes! Yes, Ms. Jump supplies a scrumptious array of cheesy appetizers, snacks, desserts and main dishes designed to make your tongue sweat with yearning. So while Jack and Madison are busy getting to know each other, you can select a delicious recipe and settle in for a few delectable revelations in your own kingdom.

Don't miss Ms. Jump's follow-up to The Bachelor Preferred Pastry. If you do, you'll be seriously missing out on an entertainingly funny romantic comedy.

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