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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Raising Multiple Birth Children
Surviving the First Three Years of Twins & Supertwins
by William and Sheila Laut

If you have or are expecting multiples, then you know how very few good books are actually out there, especially for higher order multiples. Raising Multiple Birth Children - Surviving The First Three Years of Twins & Supertwins was written by triplet parents. They have experienced and continue to experience the joy, hard work, laughter, love and tears that most of us with multiples have felt.

The Authors, William and Sheila Laut, wrote this book because they realized how hard it was to find information on raising multiples. It is a very humorous and extremely easy book to read. It is filled with tips and advice not only from the authors, but also from other parents of multiples. Their family isn't a conventional one, Bill is a stay at home Dad and Sheila works full time outside of the house. I think all of us parents can agree with Bill when he says on page 114 "I have never worked so hard, so many hours, for so little pay and loved it so much!"

This book covers pretty much all aspects of raising multiples. It goes into great detail regarding financial issues, which as we all know, is a big factor since it costs so much to raise children, especially if you have two or more at the same time since everything is doubled and tripled. I always laugh when people ask me if I plan to go back to work, because daycare would cost more for my triplets than I would make. I understood this one quote on page 136 that says "Day care costs for multiples can very easily exceed the rent or mortgage payment and car payments combined!"

As all of us with multiples know, everyone wants to talk to you when out in public. Most people are fascinated, or just genuinely curious with multiples. I think we can all understand that, but sometimes the questions get very personal. Sometimes we are in a rush with cranky toddlers and don't have time for all the questions. One tip on page 120 is simple: "Our best advice is to keep on walking." I think most of us with multiples, myself included, follow this advice on page 121: "The best strategy for coping with such comments is to smile and let it go. Otherwise you could impede the sharing and the empathy of parenting in general and potentially alienate other parents."

I would say that at times Raising Multiple Birth Children seems geared towards triplets but I think that parents of twins would certainly benefit from this book as well. I personally got some great advice out of this guide and would recommend it to other parents of multiples.

Book review by Sheryl Barlow

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