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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Rookie Dad
Fun & Easy Exercises & Games for Dads & Babies in Their First Year
by Susan Fox

More and more fathers than ever are taking an active role in rearing their children. However, millions of daddies-to-be feel apprehensive about the rules of baby engagement.

Nationally renowned pediatric therapist Susan Fox has written Rookie Dad to help busy fathers get comfortable spending quality time with their baby and make lasting connections in the process. Filled with safe and simple exercises to enhance early mental and physical skills, this completely accessible, one-of-a-kind guide combines important child-rearing advice with fun tips on Father-baby bonding.

From demonstrating how to change a newborn's diaper, to tips on how to handle a 12-month-old's tears, Rookie Dad will help new fathers manage even the most challenging child-rearing dilemmas.

For example, a new dad is trying to get his baby to sleep might try a game of "Flashlight Tag" to help his baby relax. In addition to lulling baby to sleep, this activity will help to develop eye-tracking skills, while strengthening the bond between father and child.


This activity will help your baby develop eye-tracking skills - which he'll need later to catch a pass or hit a home run, while relaxing and soothing him in preparation for sleep. You'll need a flashlight.

Put your baby on his side on a sofa, a bed, or your lap, with a thin quilt or blanket underneath him. Turn off the lights.

Turn on the flashlight and move the beam around the room while singing or talking quietly to your baby. Move the flashlight beam slowly, naming your baby's toys and stuffed animals as you shine the light on them.

Game Tip: If your baby is over two months old, try using a flashlight with different colored bulbs.

With exercises for newborns to one-year-olds, such as "Take a Swing," "Box Score" and "Shake Hands with Dad," this guide is fully illustrated with over seventy enchanting photographs of babies and their fathers. It provides top to bottom basic training that will teach new dads how to help their babies develop the fundamental skills needed for crawling, sitting, walking and more. Rookie Dad has everything to make an apprehensive new daddy an MVP!

Susan Fox is a licensed pediatric neurodevelopmental therapist with over twenty-five years of experience working with children and their parents. She is the director of the Pediatric Therapy Clinic in Seattle, WA, and a lecturer at the University of Washington. The author of Baby Steps, Fox teaches workshops on child development and trains early childhood educators, therapists, nurses and physicians

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