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Favorite Deep Sleep Lullabies

It was going on 10:00 PM and my three-year-old grandson was wide awake, with no end to his day in sight. My daughter and I were working on borrowed energy, watching for any sign that Taj was winding down. Favorite books were read, and stories of airplanes tucked safely in their hangars for the night were told with soft, sleepy voices. Nothing seemed to convince this little bundle of energy that the day had turned into night and it was time to bid goodnight to the moon.

I wondered if this lullaby CD, created for infants, would have the same effect on Taj and lull him into sleep. I slipped the CD into the player, shrugged at my daughter as if to say, "It's worth a try," pushed "Play," and the three of us settled back in a cozy recliner to listen to the most captivating and relaxing blend of melodies ever recorded for babies. Part way through the second track we glanced over at my grandson and found him sleeping soundly, his little body curled up with his blanket. Clearly, this CD is not just for babies, but you may want to consider exposing your baby to this new style of peaceful music as early as pre-birth!

While adults and children of all ages enjoy this music and find it soothing, the creation of this music was specifically for infants who have trouble falling asleep. The conception and process of creating this music has a very touching story, as told by David Austin, Jr., Music Pioneer and SleepWave Laboratories founder:

"On a crisp fall day in 2002, my wife sat down with me and our two young children to share the news from her recent ultrasound: our baby, due in a few months, would have some birth defects. Unsure of what lay ahead, we spent the following months preparing resources and getting ready to love and nurture our new baby, regardless of her condition.

"Baby Eve was born on the eve of Christmas Eve, a sweet, beautiful early Christmas gift. She was perfect to us, but she had TEF, a condition that meant that her throat was not connected to her stomach. Talented doctors acted fast to surgically repair little Eve's esophagus and although she was in and out of the hospital for months, the prayers of many were answered with her eventual recovery.

"An important part of Eve's long and continuing journey to good health was the consistent need for deep, restful sleep. We quickly realized that our immense lullaby-CD collection, amassed over years, was not very helpful in lulling Eve to sleep.

And so it was that I set out to create lullabies that would soothe and comfort our youngest child."

Drawing on his experience as an engineer and scientist, combined with a true love of music, David threw himself into the project of developing two processes called Legato Waveforming and Progressive Lulling, which are both essential, integral and exclusive to all music produced by SleepWave Laboratories. The results creates a process that gently lulls the baby from a heightened state of awareness into a deep sleep by steadily making each successive song more soothing than the previous one.

Baby Eve, who constantly needed sleep despite an intrinsic throat hypersensitivity, responded positively (well, sleepily!) to the new style of music, by the way. And now this CD is available to other parents and families. It was a project of love, and now a gift of love to others.

Favorite Deep Sleep Lullabies was co-developed by a Father-and-Son team: DW Austin, PhD, and David Austin Jr, Arranger. This beautiful music comes from the heart and soul of a music-loving father who originally arranged this music to help his medically challenged daughter get her desperately needed rest. For more information, please visit the Sleep Wave site.


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