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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Staying Home: From Full-Time
Professional to Full-Time Parent

by Darcie Sanders & Martha M. Bullen

If you're a working woman during your pregnancy, at some point, you'll think about when or if you'll return to work after your baby arrives. For some, it's an easy answer. For others, it's a decision that's anguished over for months. Even if you're a working parent, you may face this decision any time after your child is born.

Staying Home is an excellent guide for any mother grappling with this decision and transition whether it immediately after delivery or years later. Throughout the book, the authors have included sidebars with charts or lists that provide additional information, quotes from other moms, and questions to help you explore your feelings. One the best sidebars is Issues to Consider When Making Your Decision which includes questions to ask yourself concerning: Financial Considerations; Job Satisfaction; Job Attachment; Life-style Considerations; Is the Money Yours, Mine or Ours?; Pressures on the Working Spouse; How Can We Keep an Equal-Rights Household?; Personal and Parental Goals; Spousal Support; Support from Family and Friends; and What is Best For Our Child or Children.

Recognizing how difficult it can be to make the transition from a full time professional to full-time mother at home, the authors discuss ground rules for life as an at-home mother followed by how to apply them in your every day life. Self-esteem is heavily emphasized as they counter motherhood myths such as Motherhood Myth Number 3: The work mothers and homemakers do doesn't have worth . . . "At-home mothers who see themselves as the family servant or 'just a housewife' are doing themselves and their new profession a terrible disservice." They suggest applying "Ground Rule #3: Validate yourself. Tell people that your current job is full-time mother, homemaker or whatever term you prefer. Never preface that term with 'just a'; that is how you invalidate yourself.

This book includes a chapter called Putting Your Marriage on a New Footing which is so important since the transition from full time employee to full time at-home mother affects the entire family. The authors suggest that, "The goal is to find ways for you and your husband to take a team approach and depend on each other rather than having someone be the boss. It is possible to live in a 'traditional family' while preserving the equality and mutual respect of the best modern marriages." Strategies for delegating household chores, dealing with feelings of dependency, managing on a reduced income, and changing financial expectations are also discussed.

Staying Home concludes with networking ideas, extensive support group lists, work options and the survey used to write the book.

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