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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Still Quiet Place: Mindfulness for Young Children
Playful Practices to promote health and happiness

by Amy Saltzman

Reviewed by: Kim Green-Spangler and her young Assistant

I received my copy of Still Quiet Place by Dr. Amy Saltzman with much excitement. I was interested in introducing my child to the practice of anything quiet! Still Quiet Place seemed like a good place to start.

The exercises on the CD were developed through trial and error by Dr. Saltzman while interacting with her own children. The CD is educational in terms of making children more aware of themselves, while delivering a healthy dose of creativity and awesome fun. Parents should listen to the Adult Intro on the CD to learn about why Dr. Saltzman created the Still Quiet Place and her suggestions for how to utilize this tool.

The first few tracks of the CD introduce the children to their very own still quiet place and shows them how to get there, how to visualize it, and how they can use it. One of my favorite tracks is Otter, where you're asked to pretend to be - you guessed it! - a member of the furry mammal clan. My other favorite is Body Scan. It's an exercise I've used for years to ease myself into sleep and have taught it to my Assistant. Hearing the exercise on Still Quiet Place simply reinforced the practice and it is now an almost nightly habit. The CD alone is worth it for this exercise. There have been fewer sleepless nights for all of us! A definite win-win!

My Assistant liked the Otter track too. A few favorites were Wilds (where you get to act out and observe energy), Loving Kindness (in which you can visualize the loving feelings you have towards someone (including yourself) and let those feelings envelope you), Bubbles (where you get to actually use bubbles during the exercise - so stock up on the bottles of bubbles and don't lose the wand!), and Pebbles (where you get to use ten of your favorite stones, you could even precede the exercise with a little pebble collection.)

While the focus of the CD is on children, there's some fun for adults as well. Try Mountain with your child(ren). Aptly named when you realize that you're going to be doing yoga poses! This is a fun way to introduce yoga to a child. It embraces the silliness (wobbles) while still challenging them to hold a pose. (You'll never guess who held poses the longest during our game.) My Assistant was an excellent pose holder, though giggles were often overheard! Note: I know you'll be amazed at the flexibility the children will have. I know I was!

The Still Quiet Place CD seems geared towards helping little ones (and the adults too) become more mindful of their bodies, breathing, thoughts and actions. It's an excellent tool to teach self-awareness to reduce stress and allow children the time and space to create a new beginning after a rough start. My Assistant and I highly recommend it.

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Or visit Wildmind Meditation to purchase the CD


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