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Sugar Plum Ballerinas - Toeshoe Trouble
by Whoopi Goldberg

Reviewed by S. Spangler (age 9)

Sugar Plum Ballerinas - Toeshoe Trouble is a chapter book. The main characters are Brenda Black and her cousin, Tiffany. The story is about the problems Brenda face when Tiffany and her dog Pookiepie come to stay with her and her mother, while Tiffany's family is away. This is not a fun visit for Brenda. Brenda thinks Tiffany is rich and snobbish, and hasn't been fond of Tiffany ever since her tenth birthday party.

One Tuesday afternoon, Brenda goes to her first fall dance class with all her friends. Her friends go to the same school and they're all best friends. The next day, Brenda notices that Tiffany is organizing her clothes by color. Tiffany shows Brenda a cute dress that Tiffany wore to a ballet show performed by Miss Camilla Freeman. Brenda goes overboard when Tiffany says she wouldn't know anything about Camilla Freeman. Brenda's dance teacher talks about Miss Freeman all the time! To make Tiffany jealous and make herself seem important, Brenda says she owns an autographed pair of Camilla's ballet shoes. Brenda says they're at her friend's house, but they really aren't. They belong to her ballet teacher!

How can Brenda get the shoes home with her to show Tiffany? Will Tiffany know she's not telling the truth? Will her mom catch her? Toeshoe Trouble will answer all of these questions.

Sugar Plum Ballerinas - Toeshoe Trouble is very funny. Once I started, I didn't stop reading it until I was done! This is a short book. I read it in about an hour. The vocabulary is stress-free. At the back of the book, there is a glossary of words from the book that may confuse some kids. You won't regret buying this book. If you have a child who loves ballet, or has a problem with a family member, she or he would probably enjoy this book very much.

My Rating:
Out of a possible 5 Stars = Stars!

Recommended for children ages 9-12

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   • Sugar Plum Ballerinas - Toeshoe Trouble at Amazon.UK


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